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  2. Veteran investor Jim Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum Fund with billionaire investor George Soros, has warned about cryptocurrency, stating that “if and when all our money is on our computer, it’s going to be government money.” Nonetheless, he noted that his wife invests in crypto. Jim Rogers’ Crypto Warning Famed investor Jim Rogers shared his view about cryptocurrency in an interview with Bloomberg, published last week. Rogers is George Soros’ former business partner who co-founded the Quantum Fund and Soros Fund Management. “A lot of people I know are investing in crypto and having fun
  3. Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, declared that the speedy recovery of tourism in the country had to do with three elements, including surfing, bitcoin, and overall crime reduction. El Salvador was one of the 15 countries that managed to take their tourism incomes to pre-pandemic numbers according to data from the World Tourism Organization. Nayib Bukele States International Tourism Growth Is Powered by Bitcoin in El Salvador Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador and promoter of the adoption of bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender in the country, shared his thoughts about the growth
  4. On August 5, 2022, the American luxury jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. announced that the company’s non-fungible token (NFT) mint called “Nftiff” sold out. Tiffany’s sold 250 Nftiffs for 30 ethereum per Nftiff raking in more than $12.5 million from the sale. The NFTs created by Tiffany’s have to be redeemed by August 12 and so far 94 Nftiffs have been redeemed. Tiffany & Co. NFT Sale Sells Out Gathering $12.5 Million in Ether Six days ago, Bitcoin.com News reported on Tiffany & Co. revealing an NFT mint called “Nftiff,” a new product crafted by Tiffany’s that combines non-fung
  5. A task force in Nepal has proposed legal changes allowing the country’s central bank to issue its own digital currency. The move comes after a study indicated that such an initiative is feasible and recommended certain provisions that would authorize the regulator to proceed with its realization. Nepal Central Bank Prepares Legal Ground for National Digital Currency The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) is ready with revisions to the law determining its powers and responsibilities that would allow the monetary authority to issue a digital version of the country’s fiat currency, the Nepalese rupee.
  6. In 43 days, the Ethereum network could finally see a full transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) via The Merge. Meanwhile, during the last 38 days, Ethereum’s layer one (L1) onchain transaction fees have dropped below the $5 mark and tumbled even lower by the end of July. At the time of writing, the average Ethereum network fee is 0.00086 ether or $1.46 per transfer. Median-sized fees are even less, as statistics show transfer fees have been as low as $0.21 to $0.576 per transaction on Sunday morning (EST). Ethereum Gas Costs Remain at the Lowest Rates Since December 202
  7. After meeting the leaders of Ivory Coast and Senegal in July, the CEO of the cryptocurrency Binance, Changpeng Zhao, revealed in a tweet that he had recently met the President of the Central African Republic (CAR). Some of the topics discussed by the two were focused on “education, investments and crypto adoption in the Central African Republic.” ‘An Incredibly Important Step’ for the CAR As part of his latest effort to drive adoption in Africa, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the global cryptocurrency exchange Binance recently met the Central African Republic (CAR) President Faustin-Archange
  8. From ominous speculation about the potential economic fallout of military conflict between Taiwan and China, to markets being flooded with designer watches in the wake of a crypto downturn, to warnings of worse bear markets and soccer franchises pushing forward in the realm of metaverse ambitions, there’s once again never a dull moment in the world of cryptocurrency news. Without further ado, this is your bite-sized digest of the week’s hottest stories from Bitcoin.com News. Reports Say Beijing Attacking Taiwan Could Lead to ‘Far-Reaching Economic Consequences’ While the global econ
  9. Law enforcement in Kazakhstan detained members of a crime group suspected of forcing IT experts into operating underground facilities for cryptocurrency mining with threats and blackmail. The racketeers allegedly made up to half a million U.S. dollars a month from their business. Kazakhstan Busts Illegal Crypto Mining Organization, Detains Dozens Authorities in Kazakhstan have arrested a group of “criminally oriented individuals” and former convicts who pressured people savvy in information and crypto technology to run illegal installations for cryptocurrency production. Many of the appre
  10. On August 4, Arbitrum One, the layer two (L2) Ethereum scaling solution, announced the protocol will implement a significant upgrade called Nitro in 25 days. The highly anticipated Nitro migration will take place on August 31, exactly one year after Offchain Labs, the Arbitrum project maintainers, launched the Arbitrum One mainnet. The Arbitrum team says that developers need to prepare contracts and users should get prepared for faster transactions and lower fees. Offchain Labs Reveals Migration Date for Arbitrum One’s Nitro Upgrade Two days ago, the official Arbitrum One Twitter page to
  11. While cryptocurrency markets have seen poor performances during the first two quarters of 2022, a recently published fundraising report authored by Messari researchers notes that $30.3 billion was raised by crypto projects and startups during the first half of 2022. The $30.3 billion raised across 1,199 fundraising rounds surpasses all the funding blockchain startups and projects obtained last year. H1 Crypto Ecosystem Funding Report Shows Capital Continues to Flow Despite Crypto Winter A significant sum of money has been injected into specific blockchain projects and startups within the
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  13. Bitcoin was trading lower on Thursday, ahead of tomorrow’s monthly nonfarm payrolls (NFP) report. The U.S. labor market has recently shown signs of slowing, following data this week reporting that nationwide job openings had fallen. Ethereum also dropped on the prospect of the NFP report, which is expected to come in at 250,000 jobs. Bitcoin After yesterday’s rebound in price, bitcoin (BTC) was back in the red on Thursday, as markets prepared themselves for tomorrow’s nonfarm payrolls report. It is expected that Friday’s report will show an addition of 250,000 jobs to the U.S. economy in Jul
  14. In this week’s Africa news highlights, the Nigerian central bank blames speculators for causing the local currency’s plunge to a new all-time low on the parallel market. In Kenya, the central bank has told financial institutions to cease having dealings with two Nigerian fintechs, Flutterwave and Chipper Cash. The Central African Republic’s token sale is off to a slow start with just under 13 million of the sango coins sold inside the first five days. Nigerian Currency Plunges to New Low — Speculators and Crypto Trading Blamed After seeing the local currency plunge to an all-time low of 710 n
  15. PRESS RELEASE. As inflation soars & opportunities begin to diminish, an increasing number of individuals all over the world are turning to raffles, lotteries & other gambling endeavors as their only means of escape. The problem is, there is no way to prove beyond any doubt that any on the market are legitimate. A raffle is a method of raising funds by selling numbered tickets, one or more of which are then drawn at random, with the winner or winners receiving a prize. As such, DeHub has recently announced they have built & launched an NFT raffle protocol that is provably fair and o
  16. The National Power Administration of Paraguay has proposed to set a special mining fee for cryptocurrency mining operations in a decree project directed to the national economic team. Due to the immense losses the organization has faced, it has stopped supplying energy to some mining operations that were evading the payment of power bills, being illegally connected to the grid. National Power Administration to Change Power Billing Structure for Mining Operations in Paraguay The National Power Administration is proposing a new way of charging cryptocurrency companies for the electricity used
  17. A new study has ranked Nigeria as the country most curious about cryptocurrency post the April crypto market crash. The same study findings show Kenya as the second-highest ranked African country. According to Bobby Ong, co-founder of Coingecko, the countries topping the list seem more interested in buying the dip and this highlights “their long-term outlook for cryptocurrencies.” Nigerian Solana Searches Third Highest Globally After the cryptocurrency market crashed in April, a new study found Nigeria as the number one ranked country among English-speaking countries that are most interes
  18. Several solutions can potentially improve cross-border payments significantly and central bank digital currency (CBDC) could be the “holy grail,” according to the European Central Bank (ECB). In a new report, the eurozone’s monetary authority also claims stablecoins, among other options, are “problematic.” ‘Holy Grail’ of Cross-Border Payments in Reach Through CBDC, European Central Bank Insists Cross-border payments should be immediate, cheap, universal, and settled in a secure medium, the European Central Bank remarks in a recently published report. For the first time, the “holy grail”
  19. The number of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains is nearing the two million mark as 1,888,209 ENS names have been etched into the Ethereum blockchain to date. The project recently detailed that July saw the largest monthly rise in revenue scoring 5,400 ether worth roughly $2.48 million during the course of the month. ENS Registrations Spiked Last Month with 378K Names Etched Into the Ethereum Blockchain ENS names are nearing the two million mark this week as registrations have steadily risen during the few months. Data from Dune Analytics indicates that after 67,095 ENS registrations in
  20. Mastercard sees cryptocurrency as more of an asset class than a means of payment, according to the payments giant’s chief financial officer. Mastercard’s crypto strategy “has been fairly successful ever since crypto environments came up,” he added. Mastercard’s CFO on Crypto as Asset Class vs. Means of Payment Mastercard Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Sachin Mehra shared his view on cryptocurrency in an interview published Tuesday by Bloomberg. He was asked how successful Mastercard’s crypto strategy has been. “In the crypto world, we play the role as an on-ramp, with people using our
  21. Microstrategy (MSTR) has “outperformed every asset class and big tech stock” since the company adopted a bitcoin strategy and started accumulating the cryptocurrency in its corporate treasury, says CEO Michael Saylor. The pro-bitcoin executive will be stepping down as the CEO of Microstrategy and take the role of the company’s executive chairman to focus on bitcoin. Microstrategy’s Performance Since Adopting Bitcoin Strategy The Nasdaq-listed software company Microstrategy Inc. (Nasdaq: MSTR) released its Q2 financial results Tuesday. CEO Michael Saylor tweeted Wednesday: Since adopting
  22. On Wednesday, Galoy, the firm behind El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach Wallet, announced that the company raised $4 million in funding in an investment round led by Hivemind Ventures. On the same day, the startup launched a new product called Stablesats, a stablecoin concept that leverages derivatives contracts to create a bitcoin-backed synthetic dollar pegged to the U.S. dollar. The Stablesats product allows people to transact via the Lightning Network and hedge against crypto market volatility at the same time. Fintech Startup Galoy Raises $4 Million in a Funding Round Led by Hivemind Ventures
  23. During the last few weeks, the total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) has come awfully close to reaching the $100 billion mark again, but it fell short this week. Today, the value locked across the defi ecosystem is $86.22 billion as the TVL has lost 3.34% during the past 24 hours. Value Locked in Decentralized Finance Falls Short From Tapping $100 Billion On August 2, 2022, the value locked in decentralized finance (defi) protocols is around $86.22 billion, according to defillama.com metrics. Makerdao dominates the pack by 9.67% with the protocol’s $8.34 billion locked. To
  24. Polkadot dropped for a second straight session on Tuesday, as the token failed to break out of a key resistance level. This move saw the cryptocurrency fall by nearly 10%, as the global market cap was mainly in the red. Cronos, however, managed to rally despite this, hitting an almost seven-week high in the process. Polkadot (DOT) Polkadot (DOT) was one of today’s notable tokens to fall, as global crypto markets were predominantly in the red. DOT/USD dropped for a second consecutive day, leading prices to a floor of $7.70 earlier in Tuesday’s session. The move comes less than two days afte
  25. While the global economy remains gloomy and the war in Ukraine continues, there’s been significant tension between China and Taiwan. The American representative from California, Nancy Pelosi, plans to visit Taiwan this week and White House officials say China is preparing to carry out “military provocations.” Moreover, during the last few weeks, reports note that the global economy could crater if there’s a Chinese military attack on Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi Is Visiting Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen This Week Despite Taiwan’s Tensions With China Sources have explained to Reuters that Californi
  26. Ethereum was once again trading in the red, as prices of the token fell below $1,600 during today’s session. Tuesday’s drop is the fifth consecutive day that prices of the cryptocurrency have moved lower. Bitcoin also extended its streak of declines, falling under $23,000 in the process. Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) was lower for a fifth straight day, as prices of the token slipped below $23,000 in today’s session. Following a peak of $24,121.64 to start the week, the world’s largest cryptocurrency plunged by over $1,000 on Tuesday. This latest decline saw BTC/USD hit a bottom of $22,710.08 earlie
  27. The Central Bank of Nigeria should be discontinuing the fixed exchange rate system and let the naira freely float against the major currencies, Alhaji Aminu Gwadabe, the leader of a Nigerian association of bureau de change operators has said. The leader also slammed the recent adjustment of the central bank’s interest rate to 13%, which he said could have a negative impact on Nigeria’s underperforming economy. Central Bank Told to Intervene to Save the Naira The leader of a Nigerian association of bureau de change operators, Alhaji Aminu Gwadabe, has urged the country’s monetary authorities t
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