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  2. Game7, a blockchain gaming-focused DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) has announced the launch of a $100 million grants program. The objective of this grants program is to support the Web3 gaming community in these times of market downturn and to advance the adoption of blockchain gaming on several chains. Game7 to Support Blockchain Gaming With $100 Million Game7, a Web3 gaming-dedicated project which has already supported projects on different chains including Arbitrum, Polygon, Immutable X, and Solana, has announced the launch of a $100 million grants program to support Web3 gamin
  3. Just over 12 months after raising $2 million, the Cameroonian fintech whose app allows users to buy and store crypto assets recently said it had received $8 million in its Series A investment round. According to Ruth Foxe Blader, partner at Anthemis, Ejara aims to become the one-stop platform where “a suite of financial products will be accessible at their fingertips, without the need for any crypto knowledge.” Owning the Keys to Your Crypto Ejara, the Cameroonian fintech whose app enables users to buy and store cryptocurrency in decentralized wallets, recently said it had raised $8 million v
  4. Crypto exchange Kraken has settled with the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) over its apparent violations of sanctions against Iran. The cryptocurrency exchange has agreed to remit $362,159 to settle its potential civil liability and invest an additional $100,000 in certain sanctions compliance controls. Kraken Settles With OFAC The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced Monday a settlement with Payward Inc. (d/b/a Kraken), a Delaware-incorporated crypto exchange. The announcement states: Kraken agreed to r
  5. India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), is launching its first retail digital rupee pilot on Dec. 1 with the participation of eight banks. The pilot will start in four cities and then expand to cover nine more cities across India. RBI Picks 8 Banks, 13 Cities to Test Retail Digital Currency The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced Tuesday that “the first pilot for retail digital rupee (e₹-R)” will launch on Dec. 1. This announcement followed the RBI’s wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilot which began on Nov. 1. Eight banks will participate in the retail digita
  6. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has revealed some initiatives involving crypto assets in its Strategic Plan for the fiscal years 2022-2026. The initiatives are intended to address the SEC’s top priorities over the next four years. SEC’s Strategic Plan for FY 2022-26 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published its “Strategic Plan” for the fiscal years 2022-2026 last week. The regulator stated that “the initiatives outlined in this Strategic Plan are intended to address its top priorities over the next four years.” One of the goals of the Strategic Plan is to
  7. Tech giant Apple has threatened to withhold Twitter from its app store, according to Tesla CEO and Twitter chief Elon Musk. The billionaire added: “This is a battle for the future of civilization. If free speech is lost even in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead.” Apple’s Threat to Musk and Twitter The battle for free speech has escalated for Elon Musk and his newly acquired social media company as Apple has threatened to withhold Twitter from its app store, Tesla CEO and Twitter chief Elon Musk revealed Monday, noting that Apple will not say why. In a follow-up tweet, Musk confirmed
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  9. Veteran investor Mark Mobius, the founder of Mobius Capital, expects the price of bitcoin to fall to $10,000. Nonetheless, he said: “Crypto is here to stay as there are several investors who still have faith in it.” Mark Mobius’ Bitcoin Price Prediction The founder of Mobius Capital Partners, Mark Mobius, shared his latest bitcoin price prediction in an interview with Bloomberg Monday. Prior to starting his own company, Mobius spent more than three decades at Franklin Templeton Investments. He previously served as the executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group where he
  10. Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfront has announced its intention to cease operations in the coming months, citing challenges facing the industry. The U.S. trading platform, backed by Japan’s social media giant Line, indicated the decision is unrelated to the collapse of FTX. Line-Supported Digital Asset Exchange Bitfront Suspends New Sign-ups Bitfront, a crypto exchange operating in the United States, has suspended new sign-ups and credit card payments while planning to cease operations in a few months’ time. The move comes despite efforts to overcome the current challenges in the “rapidly evolv
  11. On Tuesday, the world’s largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in terms of overall NFT sales volume, Opensea, announced that BNB blockchain-based NFTs will be supported on the marketplace platform. With BNB blockchain support, Opensea users will be able to purchase and list BNB NFT assets. Opensea Integrates BNB Chain — Marketplace Users Can Now Buy and List BNB-Based NFT Assets This week, Opensea surpassed $33 billion in all-time sales according to statistics recorded by dappradar.com. On Nov. 29, 2022, Opensea revealed that the BNB blockchain will now be supported by the marketpla
  12. With non-fungible token (NFT) sales a lot lower than they were at the start of the year, NFT companies and marketplaces are feeling the pain associated with the second-largest crypto winter to date. According to a report published on Monday and “multiple people familiar with the situation,” the NFT company Candy Digital is laying off over a third of the firm’s staff. After Raising $100 Million in 2021, Report Says Candy Digital Cuts a Third of Its Employees a Year Later On Monday, Sportico’s sports business reporter Eben Novy-Williams reported that the NFT firm Candy Digital “is laying off a
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  14. On Nov. 28, 2022, the crypto lender Blockfi informed the public via a press release that the company has voluntarily petitioned for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Blockfi is now one of many digital currency businesses dealing with significant financial hardships and bankruptcy proceedings in 2022. Blockfi Voluntarily Petitions for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection Blockfi has officially filed for bankruptcy protection according to a press release distributed on Monday morning at 10:17 a.m. (ET). The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings encompass the crypto lender Blockfi and eight of its affiliate
  15. It’s been six months since Terra’s algorithmic stablecoin UST (now USTC) depegged from the U.S. dollar and the price has remained depegged from the greenback since May 9, 2022. Currently, the former stablecoin is exchanging hands for $0.02 per unit, but a number of Terra Classic supporters believe there’s a chance USTC can regain its peg. Terra Supporters Want to Repeg the Once-Stable Coin USTC Amid the craziness surrounding the FTX collapse, fans of another stunted crypto project want to get Terra Money’s former stablecoin UST (now USTC) back to the $1 price range. There’s been a lot of disc
  16. Dogecoin was down by as much as 10% to start the week, as the token retreated from Sunday’s high. The meme coin raced to a three-week high over the weekend, however bulls appeared to have abandoned their positions, opting to secure profits. Xrp, formerly known as ripple, fell for a third straight session on Monday. Dogecoin (DOGE) Dogecoin (DOGE) was 10% lower on Monday, as traders moved to secure profits following recent gains. Following a high of $0.1057 on Sunday, DOGE/USD slipped to an intraday bottom of $0.09302 to start the week. The drop saw the token move closer to a key support po
  17. During the last month, the market capitalization of all the stablecoins in existence dropped by more than 2%, shedding roughly $2.98 billion since the end of October. Statistics show that tether, the largest stablecoin by market valuation, saw its market cap lose more than 5% during the last 30 days. Tether’s market cap slipped from last month’s $69.13 billion to today’s $65.48 billion. Stablecoin Economy Drops Lower, Tether Market Cap Sheds 5% Statistics show that the stablecoin economy’s market valuation has reduced during the last 30 days by roughly 2.02%. On Oct. 31, 2022, the stablecoin
  18. Bitcoin fell to a six-day low to start the week, as the token moved closer to the $16,000 level. The drop sees prices fall for a fifth straight session, with overall sentiment in the cryptocurrency market turning bearish. Ethereum was once again trading below $1,200, after trading above this point in recent days. Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) fell for a fifth straight session on Monday, as the token moved closer to a breakout below $16,000. BTC/USD slipped to an intraday low of $16,086.36 to start the week, which comes less than 24 hours after hitting a peak of $16,594.41. As a result of today’s dr
  19. Cristosal, a Salvadoran nonprofit human rights organization, has filed three lawsuits related to President Nayib Bukele’s management of public funds to purchase bitcoin. The processes are being run before several national and international bodies, and call for the government to offer information on these purchases. President Nayib Bukele Sued by Salvadoran Nonprofit Cristosal On Nov. 17, Cristosal, a nonprofit human rights organization, announced that it has filed three different lawsuits against President Nayib Bukele, seeking to clarify the origin and transaction information of the funds us
  20. PRESS RELEASE. Minimax.Finance integrated the recently launched VERSE DEX to provide the Minimax community with more options for cost-effective swaps on Ethereum network. VERSE pools are also available at the platform. The Minimax team has integrated VERSE DEX into Minimax’s swap section; now Minimax users can enjoy all the DEX benefits, including security and the absence of third-party custodians. This integration has been available at Minimax.Finance since its recent launch on Ethereum. This part of the integration will get extended as the VERSE team launches the DEX on more blockchains.
  21. Argentina is preparing to revamp its anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law. It has proposed to include the creation of a registry for virtual asset services providers (VASPs) in the country as part of the new modifications. The changes would prepare the country for the review that the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is slated to do on the subject next year. Argentina Might Create a Unified VASP Registry The discussion of a proposed revamp of the anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law in Argentina might include the creation of a unified VASP registry. The proposal, wh
  22. As it reels from the effects of what it termed a global economic downturn, the Nigerian digital asset exchange platform, Quidax, recently said it had laid off employees who constituted 20% of its workforce. Despite the layoffs, Quidax reportedly told its customers it is ‘not going anywhere, anytime soon.” ‘No Relationship With FTX’ The Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange, Quidax, reportedly claimed that the ensuing global economic downturn had forced it to let go 20% of the platform’s “exceptionally talented people.” The exchange insisted the lay-offs were not linked to the FTX collapse-fueled t
  23. According to the CEO of Wemade, Henry Chang, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit was the brains behind the Digital Asset Exchange Joint Consultative Body (DAXA)’s decision to delist WEMIX. The Wemade CEO accused Upbit of applying different standards and of failing to furnish his company with the token supply guidelines. Wemade Not Formally Notified About the Delisting Decision Just days after an association of South Korean crypto exchanges announced the delisting of the WEMIX token, Henry Chang, the CEO of Wemade — the token issuer — accused the Upbit crypto exchange of orchestrati
  24. The troubled and now-bankrupt crypto exchange FTX is the subject of “an active and ongoing investigation,” Bahamian attorney general Ryan Pinder told the press on Sunday. Pinder also stressed that putting the blame on the Bahamas “because FTX is headquartered here would be a gross oversimplification of reality.” Bahamian Attorney General Says the ‘Bahamas Will Emerge, Held in Even Higher Esteem’ On Sunday, the attorney general of the Bahamas discussed the collapse of FTX Digital Markets, and he insisted that Bahamian authorities are investigating FTX. Ryan Pinder started his speech by conten
  25. After the Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele revealed the country would buy a single bitcoin every day, a report published by Torres Legal details that the government of El Salvador has created a National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC). The report says the entity was created via Decree No. 49, which was signed by Bukele and El Salvador’s tourism and economy ministers. Salvadoran National Bitcoin Office Established With ‘Functional and Technical Autonomy Within the Presidency of the Republic’ On Nov. 25, a Linkedin post published by Torres Legal explains that El Salvador’s government has created a Nati
  26. State securities regulators are reportedly investigating Genesis Global Capital in a broad range probe into the “interconnectedness of crypto firms,” Barron’s reported on Friday. The report notes that the Alabama Securities Commission is looking into whether or not cryptocurrency firms have violated securities laws without filing the proper registrations. Report Says Financial Regulators Are Investigating Genesis Global Capital and the Interconnected Activities of Other Crypto Firms There’s been a lot of focus on Genesis Global Capital and its lending operation since Genesis announced on Nov.
  27. This year, the number of tokenized bitcoins hosted on alternative blockchains like Ethereum, has dropped a great deal. Last January the number of wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) issued on the Ethereum blockchain was around 266,880 WBTC and since then, the number has dropped by more than 15% down to 225,962 WBTC. Similarly, the quantity of tokenized bitcoins minted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) dropped quite a bit over the last 11 months as well. Tokenized Bitcoin Supplies Shrank Significantly During the Last 11 Months At the time of writing, the two largest tokenized bitcoin (BTC) projects are wrap
  28. Dogecoin surged to a three-week high to start the week, as the token rallied for a second consecutive session. Overall, the meme coin has now traded higher for four of the last five days. Quant was another notable gainer in today’s session, moving to an eight-day peak. Dogecoin (DOGE) Dogecoin (DOGE) raced to a three-week high to start the weekend, as the meme coin moved to extend recent gains. Following a low of $0.08695 on Friday, DOGE/USD rallied to an intraday high of $0.09474 on Saturday. This gain in price has pushed the token to its strongest point since November 8, when it was tradi
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