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Bitcoin.com Unlocks Earn on Crypto


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Bitcoin.com is integrating technology from CoinFLEX that enables users to earn interest on a wide range of cryptoassets, including a US-dollar stablecoin (flexUSD), through both passive and active strategies.

The passive yield strategy is built on flexUSD, a US-dollar pegged cryptocurrency that automatically provides all holders with compounding interest payments, regardless of where they hold it.

“We’re incredibly excited to be offering an interest-earning product that’s easy to use and carries minimal risk,” said Bitcoin.com CEO Dennis Jarvis. “Now our users can not only shield themselves from the downside market volatility by trading into a US dollar equivalent, they can also earn yield on those dollars that far exceeds anything available in legacy banking.”

To start earning interest now, Bitcoin.com users can either swap into or “mint” flexUSD in a few clicks.

Behind the scenes, yield for flexUSD is generated by fees and interest paid on short-term lend/borrow markets. Interest rates will vary but are usually between 10-20%. FlexUSD can also be used as collateral to trade, meaning you can earn yield and trade at the same time.

The CoinFLEX technology integration also brings advanced trading tools and products to the Bitcoin.com ecosystem, including physically settled futures and perpetuals with leverage up to 100x. These features are available on the Bitcoin.com Exchange, where users can also trade 40+ spot pairs: all the majors like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH), as well as DeFi coins like UNI and SUSHI, popular meme coins like SHIB, and a range of other coins we’ve never offered before.

Bitcoin.com users can also employ active yield strategies by providing liquidity in both single and dual asset pools for futures markets.

CoinFLEX CEO Mark Lamb explains: “The system democratizes access to the yields generated by market making for futures markets, where volumes vastly exceed spot. And since it’s a hybrid model, where the liquidity is decentralized but the order book is centralized, liquidity provision and trades are executed instantly and fees are minimal.”

Bitcoin.com traders can use a handy APR Simulator tool to easily estimate the yield generated by supplying liquidity into a given pool and at a defined trading price range.

“Beyond providing folks who want to trade at higher frequency with the advanced tools they need, Bitcoin.com now enables holders of cryptoassets to put them to productive use and earn a yield for doing so,” adds Bitcoin.com CEO Dennis Jarvis. “It’s a big step in expanding the Bitcoin.com ecosystem towards our goal of providing an even more comprehensive financial services platform that further supports economic freedom.”



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