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How Binance NFT Is Building the No․1 Gaming Metaverse


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Video games, the Metaverse and NFTs. Binance NFT has become the largest centralized gaming NFT marketplace. See what the team has accomplished and how Binance NFT is building the Gaming Metaverse.

Main Takeaways:

  • Since June, Binance NFT has become the world’s largest centralized NFT gaming marketplace, successfully on-boarding over 60 gaming projects and selling over 1 million gaming NFTs.

  • Binance NFT has recently launched the first-ever Initial Game Offering (IGO) as part of the vision to build a home for NFT gaming, but most importantly, a step forward into the gaming metaverse.

Featured are some of the hottest NFT drops on the market, the Binance NFT experience is bigger than just buying, selling and trading.

A cyberspace that transcends reality; video games, NFTs, 3D worlds and a digital economy unified in one digital space. The Metaverse is the hottest topic in Big Tech, from VR goggles to virtual worlds. While recent developments have popularized the term, NFTs, gaming and the Metaverse have always been closely intertwined.

Since the launch of the NFT marketplace in June 2021, Binance NFT has provided a platform for not only artists but also top game developers, welcoming new gaming projects every month to overwhelmingly positive reception, from gaming collections to NFT Metaverse items. Due to the positive response from users, the team recently launched the first-ever Initial Game Offering (IGO) as part of a vision to build a home for NFT gaming, but most importantly, a step forward into the Gaming Metaverse.

To browse the latest gaming NFT collections and IGO drops, you can visit our IGO gallery.

IGO: A Step Forward in the Gaming Metaverse

Binance NFT’s Initial Game Offering (IGO) provides a direct link between top gaming projects and a passionate crypto community. Since its launch, all seven IGO drops have sold out and performed very well in the secondary market so far, with most projects achieving over 10 million trading volume in three days. As part of the commitment of building the Gaming Metaverse, the team also partnered with Binance Labs, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) fund, over ten guilds, 30 venture capitalists and gaming funds and more than 100 influencers to introduce new players to NFT gaming. IF you’re interested in learning more about IGOs, you can read the launch announcement.

Why Gamers Choose Binance NFT: The World’s Largest and Fastest Centralized Gaming NFT Platform

  • World’s largest gaming NFT trading platform with over 1 million gaming NFTs in supply, 60 gaming project NFT drops and $130 million in trading volume.

The fastest-growing IGO platform with over $40 million in trading volume generated in 1 month for IGO drops alone.

High returns on NFT resales where the most expensive gaming NFT sold on othe platform for $1,937,600 (4,000 BNB).

Outstanding IGO performance with drops achieving up to $8 million in trading volume and up to 40x increase all in 24 hours.

More Than a Marketplace

At Binance NFT, the company has always had bigger dreams than creating just another NFT marketplace. While featured are some of the hottest NFT drops on the market, the Binance NFT experience is bigger than buying, selling and trading. It’s an immersive experience where everyone can come together under one digital space, from traders and collectors to gamers and creators alike. Here are some of the things the team does at Binance NFT:

Building a comprehensive one-stop-shop for gaming

The gaming metaverse is intimidating. Where should you start? At Binance NFT, the team has consolidated all the top gaming projects and tokens into one easy-to-use platform, where users can buy, sell and learn more about gaming NFTs.

Regular updates

At Binance NFT, improving the user experience is very important to us. The monthly updates emphasize new features that enhance interaction and exposure for collectors and creators, like creator/collection profile pages, daily handpicked recommendations, and ranking boards.

Coming soon: NFT virtual world

Stay tuned, the team is working on an immersive NFT gallery virtual world that allows users to walk around and enjoy curated NFT art in a completely digital space.


As part of the ongoing mission to the metaverse, the team will continue to welcome new projects, connect users to the broader metaverse experience, and of course, build the path forward towards an interconnected Gaming Metaverse. The company is excited to see what developers are making and what the future holds for gaming. IGOs are just the first step in our Gaming Metaverse vision, and together with users, partners and gaming projects, Binance NFT has got plenty in store down the line.

Browse our gaming and IGO gallery here. To learn more about IGOs, read the article here.


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