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Will Bitcoin keep decreasing at this point?


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Hey there dear people!
So my question is, will Bitcoin keep decreasing? Some of you already know me, as you read my comments. Then you know that I plan to invest and buy Bitcoin when they fall the lowest, in the hopes that they will rise again.
Do you think now is the best time? Or should I wait because it might fall even lower?

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Unless one has the crystal ball that can tell the future, there is no way one can say in certain term the trajectory of the price of Bitcoin.  But what I believe is that if the virtual coin is truly well accepted, it should be an alternative investment instrument either to hedge, as a safe heaven etc given the capital market uncertainty nowadays.  But the demand of the virtual coin is low as indicated by the plunge in price from $6500 couple of months ago to $3600 now.  

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I think you should wait a bit longer, just see how the next month plays out. Realitiscally, Bitcoin is becoming a more accepted currency and people are transitioning away from paper transactions entirely, so I wouldn't be surprised if BitCoin has a much larger role in the future of money. That being said, it is still incredibly volitile, so like cks003 said, hedge your bets and don't go all in with the cxurrency just yet. If you haven't practiced trading currency yet, maybe stick to countries' currency for the moment to get a hang of how volitile it can actually be.

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