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SquidGrow: The Evolution of Mastery

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In the cryptocurrency realm, there are thousands of projects born every year – each with aspirations to set the bar higher. The harsh reality is that most fail somewhere along the way, not for lack of passion or trying, but rather they lack the full list of ingredients required to create something truly great. So what exactly are those ingredients?

The truth is – no one determines this except the investors or the user base – So then the real question becomes, what do investors want to see, and what value can a project bring to users in the space?

One project, SquidGrow, co-founded by notorious crypto billionaire – Shibtoshi, and renowned trader – AreDub, looks to have discovered these answers through the heart of the bear market. So let’s dive in, what is SquidGrow doing so well where others are struggling?


For starters, investors want to see other investors joining them for a common goal. If the sectors where investors communicate and share their thoughts about a project are not populated by a loud collective, then this is often their demise. A project must captivate and motivate their holders to both amplify and multiply over time. In less than one year SquidGrow and the team have managed to do just that. They champion a passionate crypto community of over 17,000 holders that continues to multiply exponentially and can be seen spreading their story across social media.

Another key for successful growth is availability. Investors need to be able to buy and find SquidGrow where they are familiar. And that is another factor that makes SquidGrow’s run thus far so special. Although it is listed on over ten centralized exchanges already, it is still primarily a DeFi based token, and its token up until this point has been solely on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This is worth noting as the BSC space has been very quiet since 2021, with very few projects having success in this sector alone over the last year. This is a stark contrast to the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, where most projects with a higher degree of success have been built upon.


At this time of writing SquidGrow is launching their Ethereum token supply, which will bring it to a much more vast investor base. SquidGrow will become multi-chain as it launches on ETH, and it will allow its investors to bridge across the blockchains in a secure manner to buy SquidGrow in whichever network they desire.

Aside from availability and a large collective, there must be a usage for the token that excites these investors about its future, otherwise known as utility. This is where SquidGrow shines as it is rich with utility and rollouts in this regard. Diving into these we can see that SquidGrow already has a lot:

  • It has boasted sustainable and high APR staking pools throughout its history, which continues to encourage its users to hold.
  • It has its own swap service, named SGS, which allows traders to swap between carefully selected tokens in a highly secure platform.
  • It is being adopted by numerous platforms for integration through various partnerships.
  • Additionally, it has the ability to absorb and integrate other projects into its own system through a customized contract that streamlines this process, hence the name SquidGROW.

With that said, what really stands out is what SquidGrow fans have to look forward to in the coming year:

  • The developers will be launching a fully functioning NFT ecosystem and marketplace, working hand in hand with legendary Marvel and DC artist – Mike S. Miller.


  • The NFTs are unique in that the Ultra-Rare NFTs from Mike S. Miller’s first collection will automatically mint another, rare Blue-Chip NFT. These range from high value collections such as Mutant Apes, Moonbirds, Doodles, Bored ape Kennel Club, Cool Cats, Angry Cats, Alien Frens, FunkyMonkeys, and a bullish selection of metaverse land.
  • Most notably, it will be launching SGX. This will be SquidGrow’s flagship utility and is a decentralized perpetual exchange, which will bring the best of the centralized exchange world into the DeFi sector. In particular, there is a growing need for this as governments increase regulation in the cryptocurrency space. SGX will outshine its competition by being rich in features that make traders feel at home, and additionally a generous portion of the profits from the exchange fees will go back into SquidGrow’s ETH and BSC charts as buybacks and liquidity.


A noteworthy factor in getting users to trust and actually use the utility behind a project is security. The DeFi realm in particular is riddled with bad actors, and finding a project to trust should largely depend on the competency of its developers and the willingness of the project to audit the code of its utility in the most elaborate manner. SquidGrow does this at an elite level by utilizing Certik, the top auditing firm in the industry, for each of its codebases, where it already has 6 published audits at the time of writing.

Additionally, a new class of tokens known as meme tokens have been thriving in this cycle’s bear market. However the vast majority of these meme tokens, have had nothing to offer outside of their chart pumping, and they fall swiftly into irrelevance once their respective pump period ends. SquidGrow has the meme element to it of course, but as mentioned above, it puts utility before the meme which will give it increased sustainability. In doing this, SquidGrow has essentially patented a revolutionary type of a token it has dubbed the “utility-meme” token, where its two pronged approach is set to attract these different investor bases.

With that said, arguably the most important component to a cryptocurrency project is its innate ability to show itself to the world through tactful and powerful marketing campaigns. To put it lightly, SquidGrow dominates in this area. Where most projects fail is quite simply in this area alone, as the budget required to awe new investors becomes extremely expensive, which quickly dampers their ability to forge ahead in tough or volatile market conditions. However, with Shibtoshi at the helm personally funding all marketing expenditures, SquidGrow is in an advantageous position where its marketing arm is not dependent on trading volume for its expenditure to facilitate growth.


The team at SquidGrow has come from all corners of the industry to combine networking forces that will enable it to be a constant marketing powerhouse, the likes of which the space has never before seen. A perfect example of this prowess will be SquidGrow’s premier sponsorship of “The Next Crypto Gem” this season, which will be the first ever mainstream crypto tv show to air. Moves like these are slated to continue to roll out over the coming months and years, ensuring that the project becomes a staple of the crypto industry.

When you factor all of these elements together, what you have is an anomaly riddled with X-Factors that continually inspire flames deep within investor hearts. Community, veteran leadership, utility, security, and marketability – All of which SquidGrow has in abundance. It is no wonder why so many investors are watching and buying into its ecosystem, and what these investors may be witnessing is the evolution of a token that is the true masterclass of its category in every capacity.

Check out SquidGrow at the following places:

Website: http://squidgrow.wtf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Squid_Grow

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/squidgrow.wtf/?hl=en

Telegram: https://twitter.com/Squid_Grow

Discord: https://discord.gg/HgsgryRpwB

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SquidGrow/

Medium: https://medium.com/@SquidGrow

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@squidgrow/

Audits: https://skynet.certik.com/projects/squidgrow

CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/squid-grow/

CG: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/squidgrow




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