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Dogecoins? Worth investing in?


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14 hours ago, Rathiel said:

Considering that it was based on the meme, I really didn't expect Dogecoin to be around for as long as it has been. Is it worth it to add Dogecoins to an investor's cryptocurrency portfolio?

I think it's not worth investing in Dogecoin since it's being treated like a novelty.  What I mean is it's not one of those currencies which can make you a lot of money because of it's limited usage.

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You will just gonna waste your money on dogecoin so I suggest forget about that coin. The only time I am using dogecoin is when I'm withdrawing my fund's because dogecoins withdrawal free is much cheaper than bitcoin and other altcoins. And I don't see the price of dogecoin to even reach  the 0.00000100 satoshi  mark.

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Well, i have some friends who are very enthusiastic about the new cryptos like Dogecoin.The people who are looking for investing in new cryptos are certainly considering coins like Dogecoin. However, i dont share the enthusiasm. It is always necessary to be safe than sorry when it comes to your investment in such coins.

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