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Querio: The Daring Upstart on a Mission to Revolutionize Decentralized Search


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PRESS RELEASE. Imagine a new internet era with Querio, an ambitious decentralized search engine revolutionizing Web3 exploration. With lightning speed, pinpoint accuracy, and unwavering privacy, Querio serves as a portal to the decentralized technology universe, challenging the status quo and prioritizing user-centric discovery, setting the stage for a blockchain innovation-powered future.

The Driving Forces Behind This Maverick

The story of Querio began in early 2023 at CrossChain Labs, a dynamic startup led by Andreea and George, two forward-thinkers, former ConsenSys employees with a wealth of experience in cutting-edge blockchain ecosystem. They founded CrossChain Labs and collaborated with prominent blockchain platforms such as Near Protocol, Filecoin, Dfinity, Stellar, Fantom, and Polkadot.

During a pivotal meeting at ICP.lab Business Booster, a significant gap in the market was identified: the absence of a dedicated on-chain Web3 search engine for exploring diverse dApps across various blockchains.

Driven by their unwavering belief, Andreea and George embarked on a bold mission in early 2023 to create Querio. They launched Querio as a fully functional Web3 search engine in May 2023, a remarkable achievement made possible through self-funded efforts and determination.

What Makes Querio Different: Core Features and Technical Capabilities

Even in its initial release, Querio introduced several core features that redefined the user experience:

  • Multi-Blockchain Support: Starting with Internet Computer, Ethereum, Stellar, and NEAR Protocol, Querio offers the flexibility to explore decentralized applications across a diverse range of blockchain networks.
  • Transparency: Querio displays the number of search results returned and the duration of each search, offering transparency and insights into its performance.
  • Multi-Word Searches: Unlike traditional single-keyword searches, Querio allows users to enter multiple words for more precise and relevant results.
  • User-Friendly Design: dApp logos alongside results make it easy for users to identify the source of information. Autocomplete suggestions and summarized content snippets optimize search efficiency.
  • Smart Ranking Algorithm: The search engine leverages a proprietary ranking algorithm optimized to surface the most relevant results, improving the overall search experience.

The combination of these features provides users with a more productive and satisfying search experience surpassing that of other early Web3 search engines, and demonstrating Querio’s technical prowess and user-centric design.

The Quest to Decentralize: Transitioning Querio to a DAO

The Querio team is actively transitioning the platform into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) powered by the Internet Computer blockchain. This includes:

  1. Public Presale: The Querio team has announced an upcoming public presale of QRO tokens to begin on 25th of October, offering 10% of the total QRO supply. This move reflects their commitment to involving the community in the project’s governance and evolution.
  2. Governance Token (QRO): A native governance token, QRO, will be created and distributed to engage a community of stakeholders who will collectively govern the Querio DAO. The target launch time frame for fully transitioning Querio to a DAO on the Internet Computer is Q4 2023 using the SNS launch platform

The Road Ahead: Querio’s Vision for the Future

Beyond decentralizing Querio, the development roadmap extends to expanding functionality and solidifying Querio as the premier platform for users to explore and engage with Web3.

Planned features and capabilities include:

  • Expand Multi-Blockchain Support: Expanding across additional blockchain ecosystems.
  • Decentralized Content Miners: A network of independent content miners will be introduced to proactively index Web3 content, ensuring Querio’s search coverage remains comprehensive and up-to-date, with incentives for contributors.
  • dApps Explorer: Discover the newest and most popular dApps, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of the decentralized movement.
  • Project Promotion: Projects can promote themselves within relevant search results.
  • Auction Model: An auction model for premium placement and visibility on Querio’s frontpage.
  • Querio AI: Querio will develop a sophisticated artificial intelligence engine, for answering questions about dApps, protocols, and blockchain concepts.
  • Querio Drive: Launching a decentralized on-chain storage solution built on Internet Computer.

With this ambitious roadmap, Querio aims to position itself as a core Web3 infrastructure project, empowering the next generation of blockchain applications and services. The Querio team’s vision is to create a community-driven public good that embodies the promise of Internet Computer and the broader decentralized web, setting the stage for a new era of decentralized search and discovery. Querio’s journey has just begun, and its potential is boundless in the ever-expanding world of Web3.

For more information visit:

Website: https://querio.io/


Whitepaper: https://querio.notion.site/querio/Querio-Whitepaper-093dca931e374657a5ae7c42a8f9da16



This is a press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. Bitcoin.com is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

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