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Antpool Surpasses Foundry in Hashrate Battle, Claiming Top Spot in November’s Bitcoin Mining Race


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Antpool Surpasses Foundry in Hashrate Battle, Claiming Top Spot in November's Bitcoin Mining Race

Over the past year, the mining pool titan Foundry USA has consistently led the network in terms of hashrate. However, this month, the bitcoin mining operation Antpool has edged ahead of Foundry, albeit marginally, in hashrate rankings. In November, out of the 4,436 blocks that were mined, Antpool was responsible for uncovering 1,218 of them, translating to 27.46% of the month’s global hashrate.

Antpool Edges Out Foundry, Leads November Bitcoin Mining Surge

After a lengthy period where Foundry dominated, Antpool has recently emerged as a frontrunner in hashrate achievement. Particularly in November, Antpool succeeded in mining the highest number of blocks. Over the recent three-day span, a total of 427 blocks were mined, with Antpool unearthing 126 blocks and Foundry uncovering 114. This translates to Antpool commanding a three-day average hashrate of 29.51%, while Foundry holds 26.70%.

For the entire month of November, Antpool’s tally stood at 1,218 blocks, representing 27.46% of the blocks mined over the 30-day period. Foundry was close behind, having mined 1,216 blocks, accounting for slightly less at 27.41%. Notably, Antpool was responsible for mining 12 of the 16 empty blocks during this period. However, in the all-time ranking according to btc.com, Antpool still trails F2pool in the total number of blocks mined since each pool’s inception.

F2pool has amassed a lifetime total of 82,410 blocks, while Antpool has mined 79,990, marking 9.76% of all blocks mined. In comparison, F2pool’s percentage stands at 10.06% as of December 1, 2023. Despite Foundry’s consistent lead throughout 2022 and 2023, its overall block count is 30,684, equating to 3.75% of all blocks mined. This places Foundry behind other mining pools like Btc.com, Braiins (formerly Slush), Viabtc, and the now-defunct Btc Guild.

Yet, in the past year, Foundry’s dominance is clear: it mined 16,335 out of the 53,811 blocks, contributing 30.36% of the year’s total mining. Antpool, in comparison, discovered 12,041 blocks, making up 22.38% of the total. Both significantly outperform the year’s third largest pool, F2pool, which mined 7,316 blocks, or 13.60% of the year’s total.

What are your thoughts on Antpool taking the lead over the past 30 days? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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