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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC Enters 2024 With Subtle Signals and Low Volume


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC Enters 2024 With Subtle Signals and Low Volume

As the clock turned to 2024, bitcoin’s price danced between $42,094 and $42,781 per unit. On Jan. 1, amid the holiday’s quiet, bitcoin’s current technical indicators offer a mixed bag of signals, setting a contemplative stage for the year ahead.


Jan. 1, 2024, saw bitcoin (BTC) with a modest 24-hour trading range and a market capitalization holding strong at $834 billion. The day’s trade volume has been low, typical of New Year’s Day, signaling a cautious sentiment in the market and people enjoying their holidays. Traders are keeping a keen eye on the oscillators and moving averages, which present a nuanced picture of the market’s direction.

Oscillators, key to gauging market momentum, are predominantly neutral on Monday. The relative strength index (RSI) lingered at 53, suggesting a balanced market sentiment. Notably, the momentum indicator leaned towards bullish sentiment, indicating potential upward price movement. In contrast, the moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) level currently points toward bearish market sentiment, highlighting the underlying market conflicts and the need for cautious interpretation.

Bitcoin chart by TradingView

Moving averages (MAs), pivotal in identifying trends, displayed a divergence in action signals. Short-term averages, like the 10-day simple (SMA) and exponential moving averages (EMA), highlight negativity. Conversely, longer-term averages from the 30-day onwards signal optimism in the market. The signals suggest underlying strength and a possible resurgence in price, albeit with caution due to mixed shorter-term signals.

The daily chart analysis reveals a recent consolidation phase, marked by a small period of dips and decreasing trading volume. This indicates a market in contemplation, weighing bullish runs leading into December against selling pressure at higher levels. Furthermore, the holiday doldrums may be affecting market sentiment. Traders are advised to watch for a breakout from this consolidation to gauge the market’s next big move.

A closer inspection of the 4-hour chart highlights short-term volatility. The chart shows a slight recovery post-dip, yet the presence of considerable red and oscillating prices reflects a market without a clear direction. Key levels to watch are the short-term resistance near $43,812 and support around $41,306, which could dictate the near-term market trajectory.

As we step into 2024, Bitcoin’s technical landscape is complex and varied. Investors should consider both bullish and bearish signals across different time frames, alongside volume and market sentiment, to make informed decisions. The interplay of oscillators and moving averages, coupled with key price levels, will be crucial in navigating the crypto market’s first steps in the new year.

Bull Verdict:

Despite the mixed signals from oscillators and moving averages, the underlying strength suggested by the longer-term moving averages and the bullish signals from certain momentum indicators provides a cautiously optimistic outlook. If the market can break past the current consolidation and move above key resistance levels, it could signal the beginning of a bullish trend for bitcoin (BTC) as it enters 2024.

Bear Verdict:

The bear verdict points toward a more cautious and potentially downward trajectory for bitcoin. The bearish signals from the short-term moving averages and the conflicting indicators from the MACD and other oscillators suggest that the market might not have enough bullish momentum to sustain an upward trend. The presence of strong resistance levels and the recent price dips might lead to further bearish movement, especially if the consolidation phase resolves downwards.

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