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Query the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain With Bitcoin.com’s Dedicated Bitdb Node


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Query the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain With Bitcoin.com's Dedicated Bitdb Node

Over six months ago, Bitcoin.com launched a dedicated development page for programmers working on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. More recently, our web portal further added the literature “Mastering Bitcoin Cash,” a comprehensive overview of BCH basics and technical operation of the protocol. In order to ring in the New Year, Bitcoin.com has added a dedicated Bitdb node and explorer this week that can query the BCH chain.

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Bitcoin.com Adds Dedicated Bitdb Node for the Bitcoin Cash Network

Query the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain With Bitcoin.com’s Dedicated Bitdb NodeOver the last year, Bitcoin.com has been spreading adoption with our wallet that’s seen more than 3.3 million wallets created and our BCH faucet which has given away free BCH to over 100,000 people. In addition to telling the masses about the best money in the world, Bitcoin.com wants to see Bitcoin Cash infrastructure and development flourish. In order to help the ecosystem, we launched Developer.bitcoin.com last year. The web portal offers programmers a Bitbox SDK, REST, GUI, and Cloud platforms that can help them scale and deploy software on top of the BCH chain. Moreover, this week on Jan. 7, Bitcoin.com launched a dedicated Bitdb node for developers and users interested in parsing the BCH chain for data.

“Bitdb has proven to be a useful part of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and today we’re very happy to announce Bitcoin.com’s dedicated BCH Bitdb node,” BCH developer Gabriel Cardona announced on Monday. “We also have a testnet node in preview,” the developer added.

Cardona further stated:   

We’re committed to maintaining this project in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Thanks to Unwriter for a great open source project and thanks to Spend BCH for all the work getting this live.

Query the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain With Bitcoin.com’s Dedicated Bitdb NodeBitdb microservice API endpoint – make HTTP requests to your Bitdb node.

Query Data and Build Killer BCH Applications

The Bitdb protocol is an autonomous database that can crawl, index, and query the blockchain. The project was launched by the prolific programmer Unwriter, alongside the multitude of other applications the developer built last year. The open source project allows anyone to parse the chain for all kinds of information and can specifically query data like OP_Return transactions. Bitdb stores every bitcoin cash transaction in a uniformed format allowing a simple MongoDB query that can be useful for all types of ideas. A few developers have already used Unwriter’s Bitdb for certain applications. For instance, the Poster.cash platform uses Unwriter’s Bitdb and Bitsocket, which provided the creator with the ability to develop a “serverless Memo implementation.”

Query the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain With Bitcoin.com’s Dedicated Bitdb NodeBitdb query web UI makes use of the API endpoint to render the query UI.

Adding Bitdb to Bitcoin.com’s suite of developer resources helps bolster the Bitcoin Cash network’s infrastructure, alongside all the other tools and introductory guides to certain frameworks. Researchers and developers who plan to get started building and studying the BCH chain can also utilize this handy list of programming resources. The comprehensive catalog includes tools and documentation for Bitbox, the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), Wormhole, a token creation web app, Cash-ID, and the Badger Wallet. With Unwriter’s innovative creation Bitdb helping developers parse the chain and build innovative BCH applications, we think hosting a mainnet and testnet Bitdb node on Bitcoin.com is a great addition to our growing development suite.

What do you think about our Bitdb node? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Github, and the Bitcoin.com Bitdb web node and API.

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