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Inspired by Unwriter’s Apps, BCH Developers Create Fountainhead Cash


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Inspired by Unwriter's Apps BCH Developers Create Fountainhead Cash

When the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network split last November, prominent platform developer Unwriter decided to focus on building applications for the BSV chain. Since then, a group of BCH developers has forked Unwriter’s 21 Century Motor Company. On Jan. 27, a few BCH programmers revealed the Fountainhead Cash project and explained they had decided to keep building the anonymous developer’s valuable platforms such as Bitdb and Bitsocket.

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Fountainhead Cash Developers Continue to Build On Unwriter’s Projects

On Sunday a group of BCH developers publicly announced they are working on a project called Fountainhead Cash. The project is basically a forked model of the developer Unwriter’s 21 Century Motor Company which incorporates blockchain applications like Bitdb, Bitsocket, read cash, and data cash. The name Fountainhead derives from Ayn Rand’s quintessential novel, which emphasizes that a person’s ego is “the fountainhead of human progress.” With Fountainhead Cash “Bitdb development on Bitcoin Cash lives on,” the team of programmers detailed.

Inspired by Unwriter's Apps, BCH Developers Create Fountainhead Cash

“Fountainhead Cash is a community developed fork of 21 Century Motor Company that continues development on Bitcoin Cash — We run our own nodes of Bitdb and Bitsocket on multiple servers, and continue to build on and improve these pieces of infrastructure for Bitcoin Cash developers,” explained the developers.

The announcement continued:

We have fixed multiple bugs, worked on new optimizations for the future, and have been discussing new ways to improve and grow the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem — The end-game goal is to make developing for Bitcoin Cash as easy as any other sort of development.

‘The Point Is, Who Will Stop Me?’

Essentially, Bitdb is an autonomous database that continuously synchronizes with the BCH network and the platform Bitsocket is a message bus service for building real-time bitcoin applications. The three main developers working on the Fountainhead project consist of Kosinus the creator of Bookchain, Jt the producer of Craft.cash, and the Badger Wallet creator Spend BCH. On the website, the team has published code, documentation, and a link to its public chat room on Telegram. The creators say that anyone is welcome to join the discussion and help develop future BCH applications with Fountainhead tools.

Inspired by Unwriter's Apps, BCH Developers Create Fountainhead Cash

Meanwhile, and per usual, Unwriter continues to publish a mind-boggling number of experiments and they are always open source. A great advantage to open source software is how the practice invites collaboration and sharing, even if programmers are not on the same development team. Open source projects also permit another development team to make modifications to a project that another set of programmers wouldn’t commit. Couple this scenario with market dynamics and ultimately the free market decides on which incorporated changes suit consumers best. The Fountainhead Cash project is an exemplary model of two competing development teams sharing open source ideas. Just as Ayn Rand’s main character Howard Roark defiantly asked: “The point is, who will stop me?”

What do you think about Fountainhead Cash? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Image credits: Shutterstock, Fountainhead Cash, and Bitdb.

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