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Bitcoin.Com Releases Fastest Ever Wallet App, With Built-In Support for Bitcoin Cash-Powered Tokens


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Bitcoin.Com Releases Fastest Ever Wallet App, With Built-In Support for Bitcoin Cash Powered Tokens

Bitcoin.com has developed its fastest ever wallet app with an improved design and a new focus on user experience. The Bitcoin.com Wallet also now offers full support for SLP tokens, opening a whole new universe of digital assets for millions of users around the globe.

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New Lightning-Fast Crypto Wallet App

A new Bitcoin.com Wallet app has begun rolling out to iOS and Android mobile users, bringing millions of people the fastest client ever. Among the new updates included in the mobile app focused on speed is Instant Pay, a feature which completes bitcoin cash payments in less than a second, making it faster than traditional payment methods and other existing wallets. It delivers a seamless payment experience through the app, allowing users to complete transactions instantly at online and physical retailers that accept bitcoin cash.

To use this new feature, you simply need to set up a spending threshold in the app before performing a transaction and then the BCH payment can be completed instantly once the recipient’s QR code has been scanned. The increased speed should result in more customers choosing BCH as their preferred choice of payment.

“Censorship-resistant peer-to-peer cash is now lightning fast through our wallet app. Instant Pay, an all-new wallet feature which is exclusive to Bitcoin Cash, lets you make payments in a split second,” stated Stefan Rust, CEO of Bitcoin.com. “These payments outpace Visa and Mastercard, making our wallet app faster than any other.”

Bitcoin.Com Releases Fastest Ever Wallet App, With Built-In Support for Bitcoin Cash-Powered Tokens

In addition to speed, the new wallet app feature other new and improved functions including letting users manage BCH and BTC in one secure integrated platform, as well as allowing them to purchase BCH and BTC using a credit card. The app also focuses on personal customization, letting users tweak their accounts to their liking with new options. The developers have even introduced a personal notes mechanism, which allows users to append data to individual transactions.

On the privacy and security side, fingerprint identification and facial recognition are also now available to ensure that only the owner can access the account. And customizable transaction speed settings have been introduced, which can be used to delay payment confirmation. The app also features a Discover section – a new maps interface that allows users to locate nearby merchants that accept bitcoin cash for payments, ensuring you can always find a place to spend BCH and encouraging more businesses to adopt the cryptocurrency.

“The new design of the Bitcoin.com Wallet makes the entire experience easier for new users,” commented Corbin Fraser, the Head of Product at Bitcoin.com. “Our design team spent a lot of time considering how to create the most beautiful Bitcoin wallet available on the market today.”

Your Key to the SLP Token Ecosystem

Our development team has also been working around the clock to bring a completely re-imagined app experience that includes SLP tokens, so that the Bitcoin Cash powered tokens are now available in every wallet. With built-in token management support, users can send, receive, and store a variety of tokens that represent anything from dollar-pegged stablecoins to virtual gaming assets and company loyalty points, with the private keys held only by the user.

“With the addition of SLP token support, the Bitcoin.com Wallet app has become more than a place to store bitcoin,” added Fraser. “You can now manage thousands of diverse digital assets on the app alongside your cryptocurrency. Stay tuned for more game-changing features which are coming soon, too.”

Bitcoin.Com Releases Fastest Ever Wallet App, With Built-In Support for Bitcoin Cash-Powered Tokens


Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) is an easy to use, robust and extensible token management system that allows anyone to create tokens on the Bitcoin Cash network in a permissionless way. It has helped the development of an ecosystem for BCH that replicates the variety of ERC20 tokens on the ETH network. SLP tokens can easily be created, traded, and managed on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain within seconds, while costing users only fractions of a penny for each transaction. All transactions are recorded onchain, and custom token behavior can be defined using a bitcoin Script developing language.

SLP token adoption has grown rapidly since being introduced in August 2018. This is in part thanks to Bitcoin.com Exchange which has started listing SLP tokens for trading on its platform. These include assets such as Gocrypto’s GOC, a token that enables merchants to accept crypto payments and receive settlement in their local fiat currency, as well as ACD, a token issued by the Tokyo-based ANA Holdings subsidiary Alliance Cargo Direct. Another recently released SLP token is Lead, an exclusive reward token you can earn by growing the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. SLP support has also been added by Cybavo, a cybersecurity firm providing private key management services to some of the biggest exchanges in the world. In total more than 6,000 tokens have been created using the SLP framework so far.

Last month, Bitcoin.com released the open source SLP Indexer Server for validating tokens and to make SLP transactions perform as fast as BCH, empowering developers to create even greater projects on the Bitcoin Cash network.

The Bitcoin.com Wallet app is free to download now for Android and iOS.

What do you think about the lightning fast new Bitcoin.com Wallet? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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