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  1. I agree. You do have to shell out cash in order to get somewhere. Just make sure you know what you're doing. Getting well informed on bitcoin and other cryptocurrency would be the best thing to do. Knowledge before investing is a must. 😁
  2. That makes me wonder what else they're doing. Because other banks have dutifully adapted to bitcoin. They charge you more with their added fee simply to convert them directly to your bank account. And they're earning lots of money because of it. 😂
  3. I feel like there were so much limitations back then. It's like you had to fly to another country just to be able to purchase bitcoin. Maybe you could also pay someone to buy it for you. I don't know. The possibilities are endless. But the past is already written. All we can do is speculate. Still, it's fun to think about what could have been, don't you think so? 😃
  4. I feel you. While you'd like to earn more money, it might not be worth it if you can't make it work. A good plan and strategy is needed. It's still an investment of your money. So better make it count if you decide to have one. 😁
  5. Me too. Besides, it's too complicated for me to even begin to understand how it works. This is probably one of those stuff techie people are good at. We might be better off investing on bitcoin instead. 😂
  6. That's the spirit. Now you only have to find proper instructions on Google about how to build it. Maybe you can find one on YouTube. Everything's practically on the internet these days. So much easier to learn things online. 😂
  7. I think so too. I've heard that it's also an investment. Well, you do have to spend money to earn lots of money. This is why rich people only become more of what they already are. Because they can afford to invest their money on such stuff. 😁
  8. Same here. I also knew nothing about it except that it was a new experimental currency. In a way, I knew it would skyrocket in the future. But lacking both in knowledge and financial capability, I couldn't really afford it. Though, if I had even so much as invested a hundred dollars on it, I'd be so much richer right now. 😂
  9. I think so too. It's possible that bitcoin will become even more valuable once it's accepted by other markets. Online stores are probably looking into it. Others are just more open with experimenting on bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. 😁
  10. I've also heard about this. I guess other countries just aren't comfortable with the whole cryptocurrency prevalence nowadays. I don't know if they'll change their minds anytime soon. Let's just make do with other ways of obtaining bitcoin. 😶
  11. I haven't heard about it. Though, it's probably because it's in the Philippines. I'm glad that you guys have a working cryptocurrency wallet. Makes it so much easier to store bitcoin. Hope it stays reliable and secure as time goes by. 😃
  12. I wonder how it will happen. I hope it doesn't happen too soon. Many people have already invested a lot of their money on bitcoin. I hope that before the bubble bursts, they can break even. It would be tragic to lose thousands of money's worth. 😶
  13. That's kind of funny and scary at the same time. It could be just troublesome worrying on our part. But it could also be that cryptocurency is on its way to failure. Though, I wouldn't count on it happening. It's a very stable and reliable online currency. Especially, bitcoin. Let's just see how things go. 😂
  14. I don't know. But knowing the success of bitcoin, I don't think this will be solved any time soon. This could remain a mystery for a very long period of time. Maybe even to the point of remaining unsolved for decades to come. 😂
  15. I think so too. It's nothing permanent. In fact, this is how most bitcoin users earn money. They buy at its possible lowest price. Then, they sell it for a good profitable amount once the price goes back up again. 😁
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