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  1. On Monday, the publicly listed bitcoin mining firm Marathon Digital Holdings announced that it purchased 30,000 S19j Pro Antminers from Bitmain. According to the company, once the new lot of mining rigs are fully deployed, Marathon will gain 13.3 exahash per second (EH/s) from the newly added machines. Marathon Buys 30K Miners for $120 Million On August 2, Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:MARA) revealed the bitcoin mining company has acquired 30,000 S19j Pro Antminers. Depending on the model, S19j Pro processes SHA256 hashrate at around 100 to 104 terahash per second. A single S19j Pro
  2. During the first half of the year, non-fungible token (NFT) sales surged to $2.5 billion in 2021, and trade volume shows the trend hasn’t slowed down. For instance, July saw a record $363 million spent on approximately 157,801 NFT sales. Meanwhile, as new NFTs enter the space every day, older Rare Pepe NFTs from 2016 are making a comeback and are being sold on the Opensea marketplace for top dollar. New Dispenser Technology Makes Old School Counterparty NFTs Accessible on Today’s Most Popular Marketplaces Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have been all the rage these days as millions of dollars
  3. Wells Fargo, one of the largest wealth managers in the U.S., has reportedly started offering crypto investments to its wealth management clients. Wells Fargo Offers Crypto Exposure A spokesperson for American financial services company Wells Fargo reportedly confirmed to Business Insider Friday that the company has started offering cryptocurrency exposure to its wealth management clients. Wells Fargo’s wealth and investment management arm, which includes the firm’s private banking services and Wells Fargo Advisors, is one of the largest U.S. wealth managers. It oversees nearly $2 trillion in
  4. A court has ordered one of Russia’s largest banks to lift restrictions imposed on the accounts of a Russian citizen who was selling digital coins on cryptocurrency exchanges. The state-owned giant Sberbank will now have to unblock its client’s cards and restore his access to its online banking platform. Regional Court in Russia Rules in Favor of Crypto Trader Suing Sberbank The plaintiff identified as Pavel R., a resident of Revda in Sverdlovsk Oblast, had accounts and cards issued by Sberbank and was also offered remote banking services as per his contract. Between May and August last year,
  5. Fundraising has experienced a dramatic change over the past ten years. What was once limited to individuals with a specific acumen, network, and level of capital is now accessible to anyone with an internet connection. New technologies and platforms allow the average retail investor to become an early supporter of some of the most exciting ideas that just hit the market. This capability was fostered by the cryptocurrency space with its decentralized funding, but it also applies to other asset classes. As a result, the number of angel investors in the crypto industry has rapidly increased in r
  6. A South African court has granted liquidators of the collapsed bitcoin investment firm Africrypt the powers to track down missing investor funds. Also, as part of the court decision, Africrypt liquidators will now have the authority to sell assets and property belonging to the company. Africrypt’s Evidence Under the Microscope According to a report, the court decision follows recent claims that Raees Cajee, one of the collapsed firm’s directors, is opposing the final liquidation of Africrypt from his hideout in Tanzania. The latest decision by the South Africa court comes as doubts grow surr
  7. India’s Ministry of Finance has answered some questions regarding the status of cryptocurrency trading in the country as well as crypto regulation and investor protection. The minister of state for the finance ministry has indicated that the recommendations in the draft bill proposed by the interministerial committee are still being considered. Indian Government Answers Crypto Questions The Indian minister of finance was asked about cryptocurrency trading in Lok Sabha, the lower house of India’s parliament on Monday. The first question concerns “the status of cryptocurrency trading in India.
  8. While traditional crypto assets have seen market sentiment drop to a level of uncertainty, non-fungible token (NFT) assets have continued to sell in the millions. One project developed by Larva Labs called Cryptopunks has seen some of its NFTs sell for millions and on May 11, a collection of nine Cryptopunks sold for $16.9 million at Christie’s. Now a Cryptopunk NFT owner is attempting to unload a single NFT (Cryptopunk 3100) for $91.64 million. Cryptopunk 3100 Owner Wants $91 Million Non-fungible token (NFT) artwork and collectibles have shocked the world and NFT artists have made millions s
  9. PRESS RELEASE. Blockchain venture capitalist firm Nodeseeds has announced the launch of a three-tier membership system to democratize its investment process. Nodeseeds revealed further details in a blog post on its medium page. Fair Allocation Tier System According to the post, Nodeseeds stated that the tiers were designed to ensure fair allocation of bonuses to NDS token holders. The three-tier system is divided into Seed Members, Private Members, and Anchor Members. Seed Members is the entry-level tier and the minimum requirement to qualify is to hold 25 NDS tokens. Some of the perks in
  10. Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volumes, announced it is discontinuing its derivatives and futures products in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. This is likely the consequence of the regulatory crackdown that governments all over the world have exerted on Binance lately. The company also stressed this was the start of a complete plan to wind down their derivatives products offerings across the European region in a now-deleted tweet. Binance Discontinues Derivatives Offering in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges,
  11. Bank of America has outlined some benefits to be had from adopting bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador. The opportunities include low-cost remittances, financial digitization, more choices, and greater investments from foreign companies. Bank of America Highlights Opportunities Bitcoin Brings to El Salvador as Legal Tender Bank of America (BOA) outlined some potential benefits in El Salvador adopting bitcoin as legal tender in a report published last week. The analysts, including Latin American strategist Claudio Irigoyen, explained that “The market has been excessively pessimistic about
  12. Several U.S. lawmakers have spoken up against the cryptocurrency tax provision in the $1 trillion infrastructure bill. While the bill has been revised from last week’s version, the text is still “unworkable,” according to Senator Pat Toomey. “I plan to offer an amendment to fix it.” Other lawmakers, including Sen. Ron Wyden, Rep. Warren Davidson, and Rep. Ted Budd have also voiced concerns. Lawmakers Oppose Crypto Tax Provision in Infrastructure Bill The U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs issued a statement by Ranking Member Pat Toomey Monday on a provision in the bi
  13. South Korea’s top financial regulator will shut down 11 cryptocurrency exchanges allegedly engaged in fraudulent bank account schemes, local media reported. Meanwhile, the deadline for all crypto exchanges to comply with the country’s regulation is drawing near and most of them have not been able to meet the requirements. 11 Crypto Exchanges Could Be Shut Down South Korea’s top financial regulator, the Financial Services Commission (FSC), will reportedly shut down 11 cryptocurrency exchanges, The Korea Herald reported Monday, citing unnamed industry sources. The 11 crypto exchanges allegedly
  14. A new proposal of a digital transformation law, written by a group of lawmakers in Spain would introduce the possibility of paying mortgages with cryptocurrency. The law draft also gives different incentives for companies and organizations using and developing solutions using these technologies, including tax cuts. Banks are also included in the regulation, and the draft includes the use of smart contracts for managing some processes in these organizations. Spain Would Include Crypto in Its Mortgage System A new draft of a digital transformation law, presented by a group of lawmakers from the
  15. Fun and excitement have been let loose for players to experience amazing new games at Bitcoin.com’s very own crypto gaming portal! An enthralling range of games are on offer at Bitcoin.com Games – the crypto casino that players have come to love to play their favorite games on in recent years. Ever since its inception back in 2016, the casino portal has quickly become a favorite amongst crypto enthusiasts owing to the wide variety of games, a robust platform, and the trustworthiness of the Bitcoin.com brand. With undeniably exciting games from highly sought-after gaming providers such as BGa
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