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  1. Authorities in Estonia are working on new legislation expected to stiffen the rules for the country’s cryptocurrency sector. The Baltic nation’s regulator for the industry is considering whether to revoke previously issued crypto licenses and restart authorization from scratch. Licensed Crypto Companies Register Millions in Turnover, Estonia Gets Little With only around 1.3 million people, Estonia is one of the least populated member states of the European Union and the Eurozone. However, the small nation has become a magnet for a large number of crypto companies attracted by the friendly re
  2. Accusing the U.S. of undermining the dollar through money printing and sanctions policy, President Vladimir Putin has admitted that cryptocurrency can be utilized for settlements in the future, although it’s too early to do that in oil trade. While noting that it lacks backing, the Russian leader assumed crypto could be used to store value one day, too. U.S. Cutting the Branch It’s Sitting on, Putin Says U.S. dollar-denominated settlements are declining and countries are scaling down their dollar reserves, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with CNBC this week. Speaking af
  3. Ertha’s metaverse, built on Binance smart chain, has just concluded a seed funding round. The project has garnered interest from the venture capitals and ended with an oversubscribed seed round which was considered an excellent achievement for the projects’ fundamentals. Ertha has collected funding from 4 venture capitalists. Investors who backed the project seed funding round: Mars4 Terranova X21 Momentum 6 NFTs have been gaining a lot of attention over the current year and have attracted investments from both individuals and institutions. A Little About Ertha Ertha is a gam
  4. On Friday, October 15, 2021, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced that it had ordered the company Tether Holdings Limited and Ifinex Inc., the parent company of Bitfinex, to pay fines totaling $42.5 million. The CFTC accuses Tether of “making untrue or misleading statements and omissions of material fact in connection with the U.S. dollar tether token (USDT) stablecoin.” CFTC Issues Two Fines to Tether and Bitfinex, CFTC Expects ‘Honesty and Transparency in the Developing Digital Assets Marketplace’ The stablecoin issuer Tether and Ifinex have been charged by the U.S
  5. The price of bitcoin has continued to push toward higher prices as the leading crypto asset has tapped a high of $61,749 per unit on Friday. The crypto asset came awfully close (around 5.3% away) from tapping the all-time price high reached six months ago on April 14. Bitcoin’s Bull Market Rampage Continues Bitcoin (BTC) has done phenomenally well during the last two weeks as October has been a good month for the leading crypto asset. On October 15, 2021, BTC tapped a high of $61,430 per unit. The crypto asset is very close to reaching its all-time high of $64,804 per unit captured six months
  6. On Thursday, the crypto asset aggregation portal Coingecko published the firm’s 2021 third-quarter report which shows a number of different findings. According to the study, for the most part, the crypto economy recovered from the market downturn in May as the top 30 market caps grew by 31% in Q3. The report shows that altcoins continue to decouple (specifically those from alternative chains) and the leading stablecoin tether has been losing its share “as the preferred stablecoin.” 2021 Q3 Cryptocurrency Report Observes the Crypto Landscape and Bitcoin’s Third-Quarter Market Performance This
  7. The price of bitcoin had crossed the $60K zone at 1:30 a.m. (EST) early Friday morning. The leading crypto asset’s latest price jump has made it so bitcoin’s overall market valuation of $1.119 trillion has surpassed Facebook’s market capitalization. The digital asset is also nearing the entire net worth of all the silver in the world as bitcoin is 17.3% away from surpassing the precious metal’s overall capitalization. Bitcoin Surpasses Facebook’s Overall Worth, Needs to Gain More Than 17.33% to Exceed Silver Bitcoin is currently the eighth-most valuable asset in the world just above the marke
  8. The Nigerian presidency has denied reports that the country’s Vice President (VP), Yemi Osinbajo, was calling for the devaluation of the local currency when he recently questioned the naira’s official exchange rate. The Huge Arbitrage In fact, according to a report that quotes Laolu Akande, the VP’s assistant, Osinbajo is against “a willy-nilly devaluation of the naira.” Akande suggests that the media may have taken Osinbajo’s comments out of context. He explained: For context, the Vice President’s point was that currently, the Naira exchange rate benefits only those who can obtain the doll
  9. PRESS RELEASE. SAN FRANCISCO – October 15, 2021 – TRON, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, is announcing an upcoming partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment today. Tron will provide the gaming company with its blockchain and expertise to enable in-game purchases, trading of in-game items and facilitate fast, cross-border payments on top of the Tron infrastructure. Sony has been at the forefront of blockchain technology, starting as early as 2016 to experiment with the technology, and initiating further development of a blockchain-based system to manag
  10. ETC Group, an ETF issuer company, released a report last month about the evolution of Bitcoin Cash in the years after the hard fork that created it. While the company acknowledged the asset price is lagging compared to its older sibling, it praised the crypto on other aspects like development and actual usage. Bitcoin Cash has improved regarding these two metrics, likely helped by the inclusion in several important platforms such as Paypal. Bitcoin Cash Examined by ETC Group ETC Group, a financial services company based in London, has issued a report on Bitcoin Cash. The report, which touch
  11. Visa, one of the leading credit and payments companies, has announced the creation of a program that will allow artists to understand how they can use new technologies like NFTs. According to Visa, NFTs have the potential of evening out the field for artists, allowing them to close the gap between art and its potential consumers. The company will sponsor a group of artists, giving them counsel about the importance of these cryptographic technologies. Visa Wants Artists To Learn About NFTs Visa has announced it will launch a program to introduce artists to the world of NFTs. The company is p
  12. Any digital currency issued by a central bank must support financial and monetary stability, finance leaders from G7 member states have insisted. State-issued coins should also ensure privacy, transparency, and data protection, the officials stated. The forum adopted 13 public policy principles for retail digital currencies and stressed that “CBDCs are not ‘cryptoassets.’” CBDCs Must ‘Do No Harm’ to Stability, G7 Finance Chiefs Say Recognizing the potential benefits of innovation in digital money and payments, finance officials from the Group of Seven (G7) major economies addressed releva
  13. The chief executive officer of the world’s largest asset manager, Blackrock, says he is “more on the Jamie Dimon camp” when asked whether he thinks bitcoin is worthless. However, the executive says he is fascinated by people’s interest in crypto and sees “a huge role for a digitized currency.” Blackrock’s CEO Sides With JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon on the Value of Bitcoin Larry Fink, the CEO of the world’s largest asset manager with $9.5 trillion in assets under management, Blackrock, answered some questions about cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin, in an interview with CNBC Wednesday. H
  14. Dreamr Labs flagship product, the Dreamr app, continues to gain momentum in new user signups one month after the DMR token launch. Roadmap is being accelerated to meet consumer demand for dreamr technologies. Dreamr (Ticker: DMR) is the community-driven platform created for users to pursue their personal and entrepreneurial dreams. The platform helps people to build a supportive tribe around their declared dream, features an encrypted messenger, and has decentralized financial tools in its roadmap to help users overcome the inevitable monetary obstacles that get in their way.
  15. The chief executive officer of global investment bank Morgan Stanley says that cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, is not a fad. Noting that they are not going to go away, he said: “We’re watchful of it, we’re respectful, and we’ll wait and see how the regulators handle it.” Morgan Stanley’s CEO Says Bitcoin and Crypto Aren’t Going Away Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman talked about bitcoin and cryptocurrency during the bank’s third-quarter earnings call with analysts Thursday morning. Emphasizing that crypto is not going to go away, he said: I’ve said it publicly before, I’ll say it
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