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  1. As of May 8, 2024, bitcoin’s price is coasting along at $62,378, experiencing a 24-hour intraday range from $62,096 to $64,413, with a trading volume of $17.91 billion and a market capitalization of $1.22 trillion. Despite a decline of 2.1% over the past 24 hours, bitcoin has gained 9.3% over the last seven days. Bitcoin […]View the full article
  2. North American bitcoin miner, Hut 8, said it mined 148 bitcoins, or 36% coins less in April than it did in March. Hut 8 primarily attributes the decrease in the number of mined bitcoins to the relocation of its proprietary miners, which were previously hosted at the Kearney and Granbury sites. The Halving Effect Hut […]View the full article
  3. PRESS RELEASE. British Virgin Islands / Wednesday / GoMining, the infrastructure company easing access to Bitcoin mining with its Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate protocol, has raised $3 million through a direct investment from Bitscale Capital, a top international VC fund. The agreement will see Bitscale Capital acquire equity worth $3 million, in the shape of GOMINING, […]View the full article
  4. Alex Blania, CEO of Tools For Humanity, the company behind Worldcoin, recently traveled to Argentina and met with high-profile officials of President Milei’s administration. The objective behind these meetings would be to clarify this project’s objectives given that it has found opposition from local regulators who allege Worldcoin is violating the Argentine citizens’ rights. Worldcoin […]View the full article
  5. The Australian Tax Office reportedly has requested that cryptocurrency exchanges share both personal and transaction details of as many as 1.2 million cryptocurrency users. The revenue collector recognized that some users are fulfilling their tax obligations unknowingly, but maintained that others are intentionally avoiding payment. Australian Tax Office Targets 1.2 Million Cryptocurrency Users The Australian […]View the full article
  6. On May 7, the U.S. announced sanctions against Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev, a key figure in the Lockbit ransomware group. The U.S., alongside international allies including the UK and Australia, has taken coordinated measures to curb the activities of this prominent cybercriminal group. Khoroshev, responsible for developing and deploying Lockbit ransomware, is now facing an indictment […]View the full article
  7. In a recent announcement, Mash, a provider of Bitcoin Lightning Network infrastructure, has decided to shut down its current version. This comes nearly two years after Mash successfully closed a $6 million seed round in June 2022 to build out its usage-based revenue model for content creators. All products and services will cease to function […]View the full article
  8. The Director General of Nigeria’s Securities Regulator has announced plans to delist the local currency from peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platforms in the coming days. He insisted that the decision to delist the naira aims to eliminate the manipulation of the local currency by P2P cryptocurrency traders. P2P Crypto Transactions Ban The Nigerian Securities and Exchange […]View the full article
  9. Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla and Spacex, called to invest in Argentina after meeting with Argentine President Javier Milei. Musk and Milei met for the second time in less than a month after Milei participated in the Milken Institute Forum, an event that gathers important entrepreneurs, bankers, CEOs, and investment funds. […]View the full article
  10. In a recent announcement, Localmonero/Agoradesk, a popular platform for trading monero (XMR), has decided to wind down its operations after nearly seven years. The decision, influenced by a mix of internal and external factors, initiates a six-month winding-down process starting from May 7, 2024. Effective immediately, all new signups and ad postings are disabled, and […]View the full article
  11. Crypto investors can’t seem to get enough of AI and meme coins lately – and WienerAI (WAI) is delivering a double dose of both. This new project, which combines artificial intelligence with dog memes, has already raised over $1 million in its initial coin offering (ICO) and caught the attention of prominent analysts in the […]View the full article
  12. According to a wager on the decentralized betting platform Polymarket, the likelihood of a spot ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) gaining approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission currently stands at just 7%. This forecast commenced in January with a 76% probability of approval but has since plummeted by 91% over the last three months. […]View the full article
  13. PRESS RELEASE. Victoria, Seychelles, May 7th, 2024 – CREAT’OR (Crypto Related Equity And Token Operational Resources) has officially launched its highly anticipated Initial Coin Offering (ICO), currently in the BETA Stage, offering an incredible 85% discount on its CRET Token. This is a remarkable event in the company’s journey towards upgrading the Equity Crowdfunding industry […]View the full article
  14. Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis firm, has been appointed as a council member of Digital Asset Lab. The firm will use its expertise to assist Emirates NBD’s lab in understanding market trends and client needs. The Digital Asset Lab’s objective is to comprehend how Emirates NBD’s customers can utilize digital assets and the associated technology. Leveraging […]View the full article
  15. PRESS RELEASE. Dover, Delaware, USA, May 7th, 2024 – KonnektVPN is a company that is going to modify the VPN industry, offering a pivotal shift from conventional VPN models. The inception of KonnektVPN signifies a bold departure from traditional approaches, prioritizing user privacy, security, and personalized experiences through the integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) […]View the full article
  16. Bancolombia Group, one of the leading banks in Latin America and the biggest bank in Colombia, is entering the crypto business with the launch of Wenia, a cryptocurrency exchange. Wenia seeks to disrupt Bitso’s and Binance’s dominance in the cryptocurrency exchange industry in Colombia, and offer a Colombian peso-pegged stablecoin as part of its asset […]View the full article
  17. Emilio B. Aquino, chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines, announced plans to introduce a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency in the latter half of 2024. Aquino expressed optimism that tech giants Apple and Google will promptly comply with the SEC’s request to remove Binance’s applications from their app stores. Safeguarding the Interests […]View the full article
  18. Bitget, a leading crypto exchange and web3 company, announces the first anniversary of its Blockchain4Youth program and launches recap videos of the program. The initiative celebrated a year of driving Web 3.0 adoption among the youth, staying true to Bitget’s core principles of innovation, education, and empowerment. Bitget envisions a more equitable future driven by […]View the full article
  19. Franklin Templeton, a leading investment firm with over $1.5 trillion in assets under management (AUM), believes Solana has the potential to become the third-largest cryptocurrency in the market. The firm praised the resilience of the project, its continued airdrops, and the work developers have undertaken to fix the network’s recent congestion issues. Franklin Templeton: There […]View the full article
  20. Bitcoin Cash, the usability-focused Bitcoin hard fork, is preparing to perform a blockchain-wide upgrade slated to happen on May 15th. The upgrade implements the adaptive blocksize limit algorithm, allowing the network to adapt to future increases in demand without having direct input from actors, avoiding the opportunity for social attacks. Bitcoin Cash to Include Adaptative […]View the full article
  21. David Marcus, the former president of Paypal and the current CEO of Lightspark, envisions bitcoin as the primary currency for artificial intelligence (AI) in the future. He describes bitcoin as “maximally neutral,” highlighting its advantages over conventional fiat currencies like the euro or the U.S. dollar. Bitcoin Poised to Become Default Currency for AI, Says […]View the full article
  22. A new study by Fidelity Digital Assets reveals that as bitcoin matures, its volatility is decreasing, making it less volatile than several S&P 500 stocks. “As the asset class matures and its total market cap grows, the inflow of capital is expected to have a smaller impact because it will be flowing into a larger […]View the full article
  23. On May 1, 2024, U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs experienced their most significant single-day outflows since their inception on Jan. 11, 2024. ETF Institute Co-Founder: ‘Inflows Don’t Go up in a Straight Line’ Data sourced from coinglass.com reveals that these funds saw a withdrawal of $563.7 million on Wednesday, with Fidelity’s FBTC experiencing the highest outflow, […]View the full article
  24. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) lead the world in the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies because governments in the region actively promote digital transformation in their strategic future visions, according to Faisal Al Monai, chairman and co-founder of Droppgroup. This commitment by governments in the region “creates a favourable environment for the growth […]View the full article
  25. Unknown attackers recently siphoned digital assets valued at just under $1.6 million from the decentralized finance protocol, Pike Finance. The protocol announced it is offering a 20% reward for the return of the funds, while an ongoing investigation into the incident continues. USDC Vulnerability The decentralized finance (defi) protocol, Pike Finance, said on May 1 […]View the full article
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