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  1. Wherever there is a lot of evil that can take your hard work. In bitcoin world this is a virtual money where you can be real money. Based on my experince I have not been scamed here in bitcoin world because I just choose my investment there in legit and expectation. so I advise those users who have bitcoin to be careful when you click on their website before you invest.

  2. The earlier bull when BTC price went up to around $9,700 was never going to last, anyone who knows anything at all about the trend should know that. Now, it's back to the $9,100 - $9,200 region and it's only going to gain more now, buy in now if you would before it moons again as this time it's going to the $12,000 mark. You can invest like I do on coin-mine pot dot-org and get 200% interest rate on investments of 0.1 BTC and 0.5 BTC which yields 0.3 BTC and 1.5 BTC respectively in exactly 24 hours. Payments are made directly to your preferred wallet. Don't just read this and pass, check them out and enjoy the opportunity!

  3. It could be a useful thing, if market driven.

    Unfortunately, right and wrong for too many people is determined by legislative fiat. And our current swamp of legislative prohibitions and mandates is the product of generations of society's most corrupt, deceitful, and manipulative schemers--politicians.

    Anytime you introduce their pseudomorality--i.e. legal vs illegal--corruption is already well underway

  4. Two successful, old men who are from a different time and are not understanding where the future is going. Its like showing a caveman how to make fire; They just dont understand how it works. They need to be more responsible in what they say to people because their lack of understanding and fear of it affects how others view it.

  5. What are my comments on using phones to mine bitcoins? You really need to answer that question? :D Considering people spend near enough the return you get from mining a coin all year round on one miner.... well a phone isn't going to have the same effect they just aint built for it. Im not interested in mining unless I had a huge pot to play around with there is just not enough profit for small farms.

  6. To be fair, this website is the biggest proponent of Bitcoins original 
    white paper, in both code and ideology. Before the scaling debate and segwits, it was BTC. However since that time it has been corrupted by overzealous developers looking for their piece of the pie through code and the centralization of the network by adding a 2nd layer. This is where the only thing left with bitcoins original integrity is the symbol BTC, The fork in Aug of last year was a means to an end of the constant disagreement with the major players to adopt segwits. Bitcoin cash was born, but people close to the story fully understood from day one what BCH was and how it would be the life line in keeping true to decentralized transactions and what was special about the original bitcoin in 2009, while addressing the scaling issue. I urge you to forget the politics and name calling, just read the facts for yourself. A lot of opinions out there are emotionally charged with no facts to back it up. Blindly supporting BTC and the LN that is a mess is going to be the downfall for BTC.

  7. china is more free market than europe or the us. They also have lower taxes and less paperwork while creating a company. The reason they are doing better than we are, is lack of democracy, that is extremely destructive and leads to socialism. Back in the days, when the west was still healthy, only people that OWNED LAND could vote, so that poor could not steal from those that had money, by the power of the state.

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