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  1. For me, I invest a lot In HYDRO. because it is a legit company. they have been in the IT industry for about 10 years now and they have a solid project and a futuristic roadmap and of course their product is already out on playstore.
  2. If that happens it would be I think a positive thing for like us in the cryptocurrency world. not only facebook will benefit if that happens because people will be now more aware about cryptocurrency and if that happens I think people will invest more not just on facebook but also on bitcoin and other altcoins.
  3. The first time i heard about bitcoin was I think 2 years ago. I was looking for an online job then and found a post on facebook saying a faucet where they give bitcoins by just solving a captcha. That took my interest and reasearch if there really such a thing and from then on I explore the world of cryptocurrency.
  4. I dont think that any altcoin can replace bitcoin as the #1 cryptocurrency in the world right now. A lot have tried but never succeeded. ethereum tried then there's XRP but those two cant overtake bitcoin. A lot of people in the cryptocurrency world still believes and trust bitcoin.
  5. Because bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency right now in the world although it's current price is down. I still believe that it is the future of payment method that will replace FIAT and banks. And i still believe that this 2019 bitcoins price will reach or surpass the $50,000 mark.
  6. for me, A coin's name is not really important. based on my experience a lot of catchy coin name will later be a scam. So don't just look at a coin's name. The most important to look at is it's website, roadmap, and whitepaper.
  7. How to choose a coin? For me, First Is you should look for its website to know if it is legit. Then they should also have a Telegram, Twitter and the most important is their white paper and roadmap. If anyone missing from that list then forget about investing on that coin .
  8. You will just gonna waste your money on dogecoin so I suggest forget about that coin. The only time I am using dogecoin is when I'm withdrawing my fund's because dogecoins withdrawal free is much cheaper than bitcoin and other altcoins. And I don't see the price of dogecoin to even reach the 0.00000100 satoshi mark.
  9. I already tried steemit but I have no luck in it and I don't think it is for me. Should facebook follow steemit in monetizing a content? I think facebook should but it's a long shot but who know's in the future may be they will. Because facebook earned billions of dollars from its users and i think its about time to give back.
  10. It is safe to invest in bitcoin if it' price is on the dip and never invest when it's price is on it's high. because the basic principle in the cryptocurrency world is "Buy low and Sell High".
  11. Yes Definitely, every time that bitcoin's price goes down expect that an immediate effect on other altcoin's. I am basing it from experience as a cryptocurrency trader.
  12. I am not really into mining cryptocurrency because at first, you need to buy mining equipment's that is not cheap at all and of course the maintenance of the equipment and the electric bill. in short you need to invest a huge amount of money just to mine. the dilemma is what if the price of that cryptocurrency your mining crashes?
  13. For me, Dogecoin's price would not even reach the price of 0.00000150 because first it's total supply is super HIGH. I only use Dogecoin if I want to transfer a fund because dogecoin has a low withdrawal fee.
  14. What would I do? my answer is NOTHING. Because I know that once the price of bitcoin crashes it will still go back up and I don't think that the price of bitcoin will never go down to a $1,000.
  15. That is a big NO, That would never happen to bitcoin because if the price of bitcoin reaches $1,000 or lower in less than an hour its price would go back up again. because if bitcoin's price goes down a lot of investor's will buy or HODL and once than happens naturally its price will go back up again. one principal rule in cryptocurrency world is "Buy low and sell High".
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