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Found 7 results

  1. Mining is dead for Bitcoin, but how about the other coins? Is it still profitable to mine other coins?
  2. Since Bitcoin can't be mined cost efficiently anymore, what would be the next best alternative, the most cost-effective crypto that can be mined using your GPU/CPU?
  3. Is Mine Pooling really better and more cost-effective than Individual Mining? What are its advantages?
  4. does Genesis mining is legit investment for bitcoin? i just wonder about this site but i have just read that this is payable site.
  5. Hey there dear community! I've heard a story about a kid from Russia (he is an 8th grader), which around 1 year ago built his own Bitcoin mining farm, and rather a small one on his balcony. According to his mom he managed to get some decent income to help her pay for her bills. I'm curious how viable it is to build that farm too? I mean it must be expensive? And the mining in theory should double the initial money spent.
  6. There are too many bitcoin mining sites out there that a newbie could try out and it's hard to determine whether some mining sites are legit or scam. What can you say about bitminer.io?
  7. Hello, Crypto fans! Mining is not that profitable if you are only using a low spec computer or laptop. We would have to buy and install the latest GPUs to have the most profit. A single GPU can only do so much so we will have to buy a motherboard that supports multiple GPUs. Have you tried building and mining with your own rig?
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