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Pocketcoin (PKOIN) Is Now Available for Purchase With Visa/Mastercard and 19 Different Cryptos


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Pocketcoin (PKOIN) is a Proof-of-Stake token that is used decentralized advertising, boosting posts and featuring comments on the decentralized crypto social platform Bastyoncom. PKOIN also gives users specific privileges while using Bastyoncom social platform and is used for node staking.

Authors also earn crypto for their content on Bastyoncom. And now Pocketcoin is available for purchase on https://buy.pkoin.indacoin.io/ for Visa/Mastercard through a newly announced Indacoin integration. PKOIN is also available on a number of exchanges including DigiFinex and Bitforex, and for purchase for 19 different cryptos at https://pkoin.net/

Recent Growth of Bastyoncom and PKOIN Userbase

The crypto social network Bastyon has grown exponentially adding over one hundred thirty thousand users over the past three months. Bastyon’s block explorer routinely features hundreds of transactions showing the network is gaining majortraction. Bastyon recently added a video upload function, with decentralized video servers registering on the Bastyon blockchain to earn crypto for providing a video storage and playback service. Bastyon’s video player supports the decentralization by using peer-to-peer video sharing, thus reducing the load on servers. Many videos on Bastyon now have hundreds of thousands of views. Bastyon is also testing decentralized livestreaming with PKOIN donations, which will significantly increase the demand for PKOIN and value created by the network.

On Bastyon blockchain tracks reputation and high reputation users moderate the platform, thus cleaning it from the inappropriate content. Users love Bastyon for two main reasons: first, because it is a user-controlled network, second for the fact that all earnings of PKOIN get only to value creating users, not the central corporate entity.

New Integrations Expand PKOIN Reach & Audience

Announcement of two new integrations that offer Pocketcoin (PKOIN) for sale through credit cards and for 19 different cryptos including DAI, XRP, DOGE, TRX, BCH and others is tremendous news for the up-and-coming decentralized network.

Bastyon can be thought of “Bitcoin of social networks” due to its commitment to decentralized equal nodes and complete control by the users with no centralization. Users of Bastyon now have two new ways of purchasing PKOIN for promoting their content or obtaining privileges on the network, such as making more posts, loading video and livestreaming. Up until now users had to go to Digifinex or Bitforex to trade PKOIN, but many people in the world still are not comfortable with crypto exchanges. Direct purchase for credit cards will open up new opportunities for users and for PKOIN.

Indacoin announces very low markup for PKOIN

Additionally, Indacoin announced that the markup on PKOIN sales vs the exchange price will be kept very low, at around 4.5% mark. This is because PKOIN is a decentralized project, orders are fulfilled directly on the exchange and there are no intermediaries or corporate entities that need to fundraise or take profit. For the same reason Pocketcoin never had an ICO because it is not a business project, but rather a decentralized platform that aims to bring the spirit of Bitcoin to social networking.

Bastyon Launches Peer-to-Peer Exchange For PKOIN

Bastyoncom now also has a special social network category called PKOIN/Peer-to-Peer. In that category, users trade PKOIN through the encrypted Bastyon chat that allows sending of crypto to correspondents. As Bastyon is preparing a decentralized ad marketplace through PKOIN, the increasing liquidity of PKOIN will help advertisers and bloggers create marketing campaigns and get paid respectively.

Summary: Bastyoncom, a decentralized social networking protocol built on Pocketnet blockchain has come out of a beta test and entered a period of robust growth, adding more than one hundred thirty thousand users over the past three months. Pocketcoin (PKOIN), the network token used for boosting posts, comments, subscriptions and advertising is becoming more liquid, with multiple new ways for non-sophisticated users to buy PKOIN for use, in addition to the current crypto exchanges for more experienced users. These developments bode very well for the future of Bastyon and Pocketcoin.

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