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GensoKishi Online “Meta World” Is Set to Transform Blockchain Gaming With Innovative Metaverse


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Metaverse is the trending concept in the blockchain industry due to its massive potential in different sectors. Blockchain gaming is one sector that has embraced the metaverse, and GensoKishi Online “Meta World” is at the forefront of this development.

GensoKishi Online “Meta World” is a new metaverse and GameFi version of the popular GensoKishi game that more than 8 million people have played. It won the “Game of the Year” Gold Award in Taiwan in 2012 and is one of the most popular games in the Asian region.

GensoKishi Online “Meta World” Built on Polygon

GensoKishi Online “Meta World” is built on Polygon (MATIC), a blockchain platform that provides fast transactions and scalability on Ethereum. Polygon enables an ideal architecture for GensoKishi to develop a gaming metaverse with innovative features.

Players are introduced to the virtual world of GensoKishi and take up characters to compete in different activities within the game. Players can also explore the open-world metaverse and spend time with friends, and partner with them to complete tasks for rewards.

GensoKishi introduces NFTs into its gameplay, and players can convert their real estate and in-game assets into NFTs. Each NFT grants ownership of these assets to holders and can be exchanged for the native token MV Coin and swapped for fiat on supported exchanges.

The gaming metaverse has already released special NFTs that gamers can purchase to have exclusive access to its ecosystem. It has also deployed the popular Play-to-Earn Model, where players are rewarded for playing their favourite games.

GensoKishi Online has developed its utility token Metaverse (MV) to provide players with access to its gaming metaverse. MV coin is an ERC-20 token that serves as a utility and governance for its ecosystem.

Holders receive discounted prices for in-game items and can access exclusive games and events within the gaming metaverse. In addition, GensoKishi plans to add staking and DeFi features where MV coin holders can stake their assets for interests and access exclusive NFTs auctions.

Massive Excitement Ahead of the Metaverse Launch

GensoKishi Online has attracted the attention of many ahead of the metaverse launch due to the massive potentials it has. The gaming metaverse has already collaborated with Polygon to provide the blockchain infrastructure.

In addition, several top stakeholders in the tech space have joined the project as advisors, including Masaki Kato, former president of NHN PlayArt Corporation and Tokuhiko Uwabo  Former popular game Phantasy Star’s Creator of SEGA Co., Ltd.

GensoKishi Online “Meta World” has many activities lined up starting from its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on December 23, 2021. The IDO will present an opportunity for the public to buy MV coin at the best available price. GensoKishi Online will be listing the token on different platforms following the IDO, including Uniswap, Quickswap, Curve Finance, TrustPad and ChainBoost in Q1, 2022.

To celebrate the announcement of GensoKishi Online -METAWORLD- and the opening of the social communities, a campaign will be held to distribute “Limited Equipment NFT” to all users who join the social communities by December 27, 2021, to help them advance their adventures.

In addition, GensoKishi Online is running a campaign where you can participate in a drawing to join the whitelist.The entry period is from December 7, 13:00 (GMT+8) to December 19, 23:59 (GMT+8).The winner will be given the chance to invest in $100 worth of $MV at the price of the private sale.The total amount of Whitelist’s drawing is $10,000, and you only have 12 days for entry, so don’t forget and take your chances!

To learn more about GensoKishi Online “Meta World” and campaign, visit the links below.

Official Website






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