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Trava Knight NFT Open to All, Trava to Expand NFT Rental Marketplace Utilities for Lending Pool


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Something exciting & sensational is coming for NFT collectors and enthusiasts alike to look forward to. Trava.Finance is launching #KnightNFT for enabling NFT-collateralization. By opening the NFT marketplace for everyone and facilitating collateralization, we can see more activity in the future & benefits. This will enable Trava.Finance to progress towards achieving their goals and introducing more NFT utilities in their lending pool. Read on to find out more about the thrilling launch and what Trava.Finance is up to, in detail.

Introducing Trava Knight NFT

Trava.Finance is the world’s first decentralised marketplace for cross-chain lending and offers a flexible mechanism in which users can create and manage their lending pools to start a lending business. The team recently announced they will launch Knight NFT for enabling NFT-collateralization, to fulfil their vision of allowing NFTS to be widely used as collateral and improving the lending protocol.

In October, Trava successfully launched their NFT Renting Marketplace in association with a GameFi project, which saw an influx of traffic towards it – bringing momentum from players. Many players to date have successfully deposited their NFTs for others to rent at a cheater price. To further expand on the success, Trava plans to expand it in the future to include more NFT utilities in their lending pool.

Trava.Finance’s vision is simple – to progress towards the goal of allowing NFTs to be used as collateral and improving the lending protocol. In the future, the team aims to develop the auction mechanism to price the NFTs and then prepare to integrate them into the lending pool, which acts as collateral for loans. Trava’s NFT Marketplace, which is planned to launch first, will be the first step to enabling NFT-collateralization; bringing huge benefits to the lenders and borrowers soon.

Knight NFT Holders Will Be Able to Farm, Stake and More

Trava NFT Marketplace will allow NFT owners to list and sell their NFTs. The launch of the Trava Knight NFT will help increase TRAVA utility in the system, as all the trading on the Marketplace will be done in $TRAVA, thus $TRAVA holders will receive a lot of benefits gained from the launch of the Trava Knight NFT. Aside from this, there are other benefits, including farming, staking and more.

At the first stage of the NFT Marketplace launch, Trava will run the ‘Trava Armoury Chests’ product, which allows users to buy and uncover mystery chests. Based on the Epic of Trava Knights, the item in those chests will be randomly 1 out of 4 parts of a knight’s armour, including Helmet, Armor, Shield, and Weapon. These parts will be classified into 5 rarities from lowest to highest: Copper, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Crystal. One chest will contain one item of random rarity. Users can assemble a special Collection NFT to farm in our NFT vault after collecting 4 full parts of Helmet, Armor, Shield, and Weapon.

Trava.Finance’s NFTs Farming Program will be launched several hours after the “TRAVA ARMOURY CHESTS” sales program initialization. By collecting NFT collections, users will be able to earn great yields from the NFTs farming program. Trava’s farming program offers holders several vaults for each rarity with a great APY of minimum 3-digit. The rarer the NFT, the higher the APY.

A great benefit offered to Knight NFT holders that incentivizes longer holding is that the longer holders’ stake in the vaults, the more preferential treats they will in the lending pool in the future. Loyalty will be benefited enormously from NFT collateralization. The unlucky shouldn’t fret, because Trava offers a unique ‘Trade-up’ mechanism, which allows users to upgrade their NFT rarity by owning multiple items of the same rarity, as well as providing users with a ‘Buyback’ mechanism to have more options to sell their NFTs.

Here are some important dates to look forward to!

Dec 13th — Initiative Campaign for $TRAVA holders to get free Trava Armoury Chests: top 100 $TRAVA holders recorded from Dec 13th will be given free Trava Armoury Chests.

Dec 20th — 21st — Flash sales for Armoury Chests: Our Armoury Chests will be sold at a discounted price every 2 hours in 2 days.

Dec 22rd — Official Launch of Trava NFT Marketplace and Farming Program with at least 3-digit APY: Enabling to list and sell Knight NFTs, buying Armoury Chests and offering vaults with great yield.


To keep up the project visit Trava.Finance, and make sure to follow the team on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord and Medium.

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