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Binance US Records Massive Discrepancies as USD Exchange Rates Plummet by 16% in July


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Binance US Records Massive Discrepancies as USD Exchange Rates Plummet by 16% in July

As of July 17, 2023, fresh data indicates a concerning rise in discrepancies between Binance US’ exchange rates and the global average. Initially, at a mere 2% to 5% in late June, the disparity sharply soared to an astonishing 16% by mid-July. Even though bitcoin lingered just above $30,000 on Monday, its valuation on Binance US is roughly $5,000 lower than the worldwide average in relation to the USD pair.

USD Trading Pairs on Binance US Show Significant Disparities

At the week’s start, the digital economy suffered a downturn with a 1.22% drop in value, reducing it to $1.2 trillion. Bitcoin (BTC) maintains a trading value of around $30,180 per unit, while ethereum (ETH) is roughly $1,911 per coin. However, the price divergence across BTC, ETH, and select other coins exclusively paired with the U.S. dollar on Binance US — a prominent crypto exchange — continues to expand.

As per July 17 data, BTC/USD trading illustrates BTC transactions at a starkly lower rate of $25,073 — a staggering 16.92% below the global mean exchange rate for BTC. Similar inconsistencies in Binance US’ exchange rates are apparent for the majority of cryptocurrency assets and stablecoins when matched with the U.S. dollar. For instance, ether, now trading above $1,900 per unit, remarkably drops to around $1,595 on Binance US when paired with the greenback.

Concurrently, USDT/USD pairs exhibit a rate of $0.76 per tether on this platform — significantly lower than its anticipated dollar-pegged value. Likewise, binance coin (BNB), despite its market value of $242 per coin, exchanges for a mere $200 when compared against the dollar on Binance US. Over the past fortnight, disparities within Binance US have further deepened; by the end of June, exchange rate variances spanned between 2% and 5%.

As July commenced, the gap between U.S. dollar matches and global exchange rates widened considerably. The cause behind Binance US’ current pricing discrepancies stems from the platform’s suspension of USD deposits, resulting in customers being unable to top up their accounts with fresh dollars. The residual dollars on the exchange, since Binance US halted deposits, triggered the pricing irregularities, as traders sell coins at broad discounts. The duration and extent to which these disparities will persist remain uncertain.

What do you think about the price discrepancies on Binance US compared to the global average? Share your thoughts and opinions about this subject in the comments section below.

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