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Samourai Wallet Helps Produce Documentary on Cody Wilson’s 3D Firearm Legacy


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Samourai Wallet Helps Produce Documentary on Cody Wilson's 3D Firearm Legacy

A new documentary delving into 3D firearm printing and Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson is set to release. Directed by Jessica Solce and produced by Encode Productions and the Samourai Wallet team, the film will digitally debut on October 21, 2023.

‘Death Athletic’ Features Cody Wilson and the Rise of 3D-Printed Guns

Death Athletic: A Dissident Architecture” is the title of the documentary, which will be released on October 21 after two screenings in New York and Texas. This film, highlighting the pioneering work of Cody Wilson in the realm of 3D firearm printing, was produced in collaboration with the privacy-focused bitcoin wallet creator, Samourai Wallet, Thomas Donnelly, and Encode Productions.

Jessica Solce, known for her direction in “No Control,” “My Blueberry Nights,” and “Essence of Echoes,” also helmed “Death Athletic.” The documentary will spotlight the growing 3D gun printing movement, with a significant emphasis on Wilson’s contributions. Coindesk’s Marc Hochstein first broke the news of Samourai receiving the title of executive producer for the 3D-printed gun documentary.

Samourai Wallet Helps Produce Documentary on Cody Wilson's 3D Firearm Legacy

He is recognized for inventing the first functional 3D-printed gun, the Liberator, and for co-founding the now-defunct BTC privacy wallet, Dark Wallet. Since the Liberator’s inception, a host of designers have developed, honed, and shared their 3D firearm printing designs.

The film also covers the legal challenges Wilson and his company faced against the U.S. government. It also highlights Defense Distributed’s CNC mill “Ghost Gun” machine. Recently, Wilson and Defense Distributed introduced Gatgpt, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot dedicated to open-source gun data.

Notably, “Death Athletic” received donations in the cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, and XMR, with its BTC address accumulating approximately 0.686 BTC since its establishment.

What do you think about the upcoming documentary featuring Wilson, Defense Distributed, and the 3D firearm movement? Share your thoughts and opinions about this subject in the comments section below.

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