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Bitmain Unveils New T21 Bitcoin Miner; Offers BTC Fluctuation Protection Plan


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Bitmain Unveils New T21 Bitcoin Miner; Offers BTC Fluctuation Protection Plan

On Wednesday, the bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Bitmain announced the introduction of a new air-cooled BTC miner, the T21 Antminer. The new device boasts a production capacity of up to 190 terahash per second (TH/s) and maintains an efficiency ratio of approximately 19 joules per terahash (J/T).

Bitmain Debuts T21 Antminer

After the recent unveiling of Microbt’s latest mining equipment, Bitmain, a competitor, has added the T21 Antminer to its extensive range of hashing devices. On October 25, Bitmain showcased the T21, capable of delivering 190 TH/s with an efficiency rating of 19 J/T.

Additionally, the company introduced an optional bitcoin price fluctuation plan, ensuring customers receive compensation if BTC’s prices fall below the strike on a reference day within a protected period.

Bitmain Unveils New T21 Bitcoin Miner; Offers BTC Fluctuation Protection Plan

The bitcoin fluctuation protection plan offers various tiers, depending on the duration of the protected period, with Bitmain asserting that “compensation shall be paid immediately upon the triggering event.”

The T21 Antminer is the latest in a series of launches by Bitmain, following two new devices from the S21 series introduced last month. The S21 Hyd achieves up to 335 TH/s with an efficiency rating of 16 J/T, while the air-cooled S21 miner provides up to 200 TH/s with an efficiency rating of about 17.5 J/T.

While the S21 air-cooled machine offers slightly superior ratings compared to the T21, the latter, however, surpasses the S19 Antminers in efficiency ratios. The specifications for the T21 detail a power consumption of 3,610 watts, with expected shipping in the first quarter of 2024.

The T21 is also comparable to the S21 air-cooled Antminer in terms of size and weight. This year has seen the release of several new devices by all three major bitcoin mining machine manufacturers: Bitmain with three, Canaan with two, and Microbt with three.

What do you think about Bitmain’s new bitcoin miner the T12? Share your thoughts and opinions about this subject in the comments section below.

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