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Fomo3D Team Launch New Dapp That’s ‘Not Just a Game’


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Fomo 3D Team Launch New Dapp That’s ‘Not Just a Game’

Team Just, the brain trust behind viral hit Fomo3D, are back with an eagerly anticipated new dapp, this time on Tron. Just.game has been dubbed “a showcase of how blockchain technology can be used to create an autonomous company that constantly generates revenue and distributes it to anyone crazy enough to play with it.” In other words, it’s Fomo3D on steroids.

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Fomo3D Is Reborn With Added AI and Bigger Buzzwords

Accompanied by a 59-page whitepaper explaining its game theory, it’s safe to say Just.game isn’t just another blockchain game. Like previous releases by the meme lords at Team Just, Just.game promises to combine highly addictive rewards mechanisms with just enough randomicity to keep players returning regularly for their dopamine fix. Loot boxes, crowd psychology, and puzzling paradoxes are all thrown into the mix with Just.game, which launches on December 22.

Fomo 3D Team Launch New Dapp That’s ‘Not Just a Game’

Although Ethereum’s dapp ecosystem rose 118% this year, with daily value surging 166%, Team Just have opted to build Just.game on Tron due to its better scalability and higher throughput. This is not another greed-is-good lottery game, though: Just.game uses what its creators call “autodecentric technology” and aligns economic incentives, crowd power, and lateral thinking.

Game-Changing Gambling Dapps

In essence, Just.game provides financial incentives for users who help its AI, known as CURVY, accomplish “her” goals. These incentives can include bonuses distributed to the last 100 participants before the game’s timer reaches zero, and opportunities for investment in speculative assets that can only rise in value. Players who are unable to cash out at the top should at least learn a thing or two about autodecentric (aka self-decentralizing) infrastructure, AI and gamified economics.

Fomo 3D Team Launch New Dapp That’s ‘Not Just a Game’

Although runaway successes such as Fomo3D and Exitscam.me make interesting case studies for anthropologists – and have more than a few things to teach about human avarice – there’s no denying the clever mechanisms built in which have broader applications for tokenized systems. Leaving the philosophical insights to the academics, here’s a retrospective of two dapps that had the crypto world salivating.

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Crypto Dapps That Became Cause Célèbres

It’s been a couple of years since Cryptokitties launched on Ethereum, but it’s fair to say the effects of its success still resonate. After all, this was when the cryptosphere learned that a dapp’s popularity could threaten to actually bring down a blockchain. Cryptokitties was everywhere in December 2017, a disarmingly simple yet addictive game wherein users bred, collected and traded quirky digital kittens – some commanding six-figure price tags.

At one stage, the dapp’s popularity was such that it accounted for almost 11% of all traffic on the Ethereum network, leading many to speculate that the blockchain could grind to a halt. Thankfully, a crack team of developers from projects such as Metamask and Grid+ were dispatched to ease the burden on the network, introducing measures such as a transactional queue, indicators and a button that would let users resubmit their transaction with higher gas prices. The crypto world breathed a collective sigh – then returned to breeding cute kitties.

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Gambling dapp Fomo3D was another crazily addictive entry to the space, one whose appeal also succeeding in slowing the Ethereum network to a crawl. The goal of the game was to purchase the last key before the timer reached zero, whereupon you could win a veritable treasure chest of ether. A heady blend of game theory, mathematics and psychology compelled endless gamers to rek themselves chasing its bounty, with 150,000 Ethereum transactions recorded a day at the title’s peak. Last August a lucky punter hit pay dirt, scooping 10,469 ETH – just shy of $3 million at the time.

Fomo 3D Team Launch New Dapp That’s ‘Not Just a Game’

Shameless Ponzis that preyed upon the greed of users? You be the judge. Whatever the case, these dapps got gamers’ all fired up, prompting them to frantically empty their wallets like there was no tomorrow. Just.game looks set to continue that tradition. In the words of its creators, “Just.game should be treated with the same caution as you would an emotionally manipulative human partner. The A.I accomplishes many of its goals by creating emotions for you, it’ll show you love and adoration, then scare you into action, and eventually might even break your heart.”

What are your thoughts on Just.game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Images credits: Shutterstock, Fomo3D, and Tron.

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