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LIFETIONCOIN Provides Payment Solutions and Worldwide Prosperity


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What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies use cryptographic protocols that encrypt sensitive data transfers, to secure their units of exchange. Since they are built on advance mathematics it’s impossible to duplicate or break the currency. In addition to that, identities of cryptocurrency users, their transactions are also masked by these protocols making it more secure.

Future growth of cryptocurrencies:
In the last 12 months, cryptocurrency exchanges are showing more profit than many banks in Europe, while providing smaller fees to clients, higher earnings for that trading crypto and increased flexibility. This is why banks all around the world are worried, and the bigger the bank, the farther behind they are in updating their policies for crypto.
Supply and demand is the reason behind the wealth of cryptocurrency. While banks create money from service fee and interests which limits everyone’s finances. This is why now people prefer cryptocurrency over bank where there is no third party between money transactions.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency
Following are few advantages of using cryptocurrency.
• Easy and flexible Transactions
• More Confidential Transactions
• Vey Less Transaction Fee
• Easier International Trade

Introduction to LifetionCoin:
LifetionCoin, which is Malliouhana Holdings corporation’s propriety product which has been cooperatively exploited and developed in order to make itself more and more popular ad grown all over the world. LifetionCoin exchange helps our customers to buy, sell or increase their profits with real time exchange rates. Our wallets best ever trading experience, anytime and anywhere. Available on both android and IOS. Right now LifetionCoin is active in 100 countries, which are Italy, Romania, Germany, Spain, France, Portland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland.. LifetionCoin has 12,000,000 maximum supply amount and 6,000000 as circulating supply amount.

Lifetion Exchange App:
Following are few of the features you get in LifetionCoin internal trading platform.
• Notice and list if currency pairs traded on the exchange
• Authentication of username and password
• Filter ledger and detailed transaction history
• Deposits and withdraws
• Pay crypto/ fiat with wallet / QR address
• Integrated payment LifetionCoin MasterCard
• Integrated Fiat exchange ( USD, EUR and many more )
• Cold Wallet
• Support for 150+ currency pricing options

History and Future plan of Lifetion Coin:

In 2018, Malliouhana Holiday Company was established to make a major technological reform with its main areas of activities and to develop LifetionCoin algorithm. And right after the next year we brought the LifetionCoin algorithm to the community so that it can become popular across different notions. The first two quarters of this year’s we developed as strong community and with help of that we market this coin across the globe and our marketing strategy has been going successful. Along with that we also developed LifetionCoin wallet and launched its app on both platforms IOS & Android. At the end of Q3 and at the beginning of Q4 in 2020, we officially listed the coin on coinmarketcap and on the exchanges in the world. So far 2020 is going great for LifetionCoin. Our marketing is paying us off as our representatives in various countries are getting good response from audiences.

We will be explaining our next five year plan. For next year we are launching MasterCard Coin with which out customers will able to withdraw their money any ATM all over the world at any given time. This service is available for very few coins so far. Not only that we are also planning to expand our exchanged even more. Few to mention are education, clean energy industry and artificial industry. So far there are only few coins having indulge themselves in this sector. So for 2022, we launch our own exchange with LifetionCoin as main currency pair for p2p trading with other currency pairs. We will also give away our own source code that will help users hold sufficient numbers in their wallet, which will keep on rewarding them. In 2023, we will build and develop a proper eco system around LifetionCoin, with much better marketing strategy we will increase our market share and will make our offices all around different countries so that our representatives can cater our customers in much better way. If we go as planned, 2024 will be the year when Lifetion coin will be having major chunk of the market therefor becoming most renown and widely used currency and not only that we will manage to make out trading platform has one of the biggest trading market in terms of volume and users.
In 2025 we will be holding stock to the NASDAQ stock exchange, therefor as predicted investors of LifetionCoin and shareholder of Malliouhana holdings will be both rich and successful. With this game plan by this year we will be the top leaders of technology 4.0.

Reasons why LifetionCoin will grow strong:

1. Decentralization:
Decentralization basically means of distribution and dispersing power away from a central authority. similarly, Lifetion coin is not controlled by any individual or any organization. It runs on block chain basis. Decentralized currency is that type of cryptocurrency that operates in a decentralized way meaning without centralized control. This type of exchange works and allows only peer-to-peer trading. Fir example like PayPal is type of centralized exchange therefore it is controlled by a company or entity however LifetionCoin runs through a blockchain which relies on peer to peer protocol.
2. More Confidential Transactions
In a credit system, each time you make a transaction, it becomes a reference document for the bank. Bank can check your credit history whenever they want but in case of cryptocurrency especially Lifetion Coin each transaction that you make with your client is unique which means only both parties know about it and no one else know nothing. So LifetionCoin guarantees your confidentiality
3. Scarcity in Number:
Fiat money is infinite whereas crypto currencies just like LifetionCoin are finite this means with passage of time the demand of any crypto increases since its supply is limited. In similar way, the total supply of Lifetion coin is just 12,000,000 LTP and it would take 70 years before it runs out of supply. This means that its demand will increase dramatically since there is only limited amount of supply.
4. Easier International Trade
LifetionCoin is not subject to any interest rate, exchange rate or any other type of spefic fee. There might be very low transaction fee. Unlike other credit system where you have to pay so many fee just to send money to other party.
5. Individual Ownership
One of the greatest advantages of having LifetionCoin is that you are sole owner of your private and public encryption keys that make your network identity. This gives you more freedom and power to buy or sell through Lifetion Coin more independently without any constraints.
6. High liquidity:
Unlike other currencies where you have to go through banks and other paper work all crypto currency including this one is highly liquidate this means You are able to make immediate transaction with peer to peer network, since its decentralized so no authority comes in between two parties which makes the prices more efficient and quick.
7. Affordable and unlimited transaction:
You have the ability to transfer your money to wherever you want across the world without limitation about time and amount of money and transaction fee is also almost zero which makes it more reliable and accessible to people.

Mining policies:
LifetionCoin has seven mining policy category. Before going forward you should know that you will get daily profit by local time UTC, it will be paid in USDT and will be exchanged to LTP automatically. Also important thing to mention is that LTPs are stored in individual’s wallet and sold directly. Now let’s talk about mining policies.

Competitive advantage:
Through LifetionCoin you can easily earn while you sleep, well you will be surprised. Let’s know how. This type of passive income is actually possible by hosting a master-node also known as bonded validator systems. It is a server that is entirely synchronized with block chain and used by miners to secure block chain. . An income ranging from 2% to 30% portion of every block reward that your master node helped with. The reward can be given monthly, weekly or daily. More resources are required by master nodes like storage space or electricity or memory. The major difference is hosting a masternode is, it can live a chance of earning a passive income to owner hopefully, it gave you enough Knowledge to decide whether you would want to set on up for yourself. It is an expensive investment but it has worthwhile returns.

LifetionCoin although had humble beginning but as elaborated with its massive investment plans and marketing strategy soon it will be leading the market, by 2025 we will have major holding of NASDAQ, which will help our investors. Our mission to dominate the market while becoming the biggest trading platform is on its way. LifetionCoin is so far the most attractive cryptocurrency about the platform. We will surely change and dominate the technology 4.0

Email: support@cointobanks.com
Website: cointobanks.com
Video: https://youtu.be/-RBv9BZW3AE

This is a press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. Bitcoin.com is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

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