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  1. I think it is rising up now and hoping that november will end with a bang! This will make a way for another leap by the end of this year. Hope I am right about that.
  2. Bitcoin maybe rising up on it's value now because last time I checked it was low but now it's going up. I hope this would be the start of it's lost momentum compared to previous months.
  3. Unfortunately bitcoin moves really slow and till crashing its way down. I really hope its value won't be reaching the ground as it is still the most valued cryptocurrency and the first of its kind to be this popular. It still has another month to go but up!
  4. We can't really say but Bitcoin still has a lot of time before the end of this year. It seems like it's going to be the ceiling of bitcoin's value but if I'm wrong then all is well and it should go up by the end of this year. A lot of people are expecting it to happen but progress is real slow. hopefully it will gain it's positive momentum this December.
  5. Yup, I agree. ever since bitcoin has been introduced and known, It made it's own way nothing but up the ladder but now there are many new crypto currencies that some follow and support, I think bitcoin somehow loses it's momentum this year. Let's all wait by the end of this year though if it still has the power to raise its value.
  6. Yes I agree. Bitcoin is still the most valued cryptocurrency but mining it on the other hand is not profitable in terms of the cost of electricity to power the computer system unless a person owns a powerful mining rig.
  7. If I have such savings like that, I would invest not even half of it but I really thought that $1000 would be enough for a start and grow from there and the succeeding amount made out of it will be put to savings.
  8. There are too many bitcoin mining sites out there that a newbie could try out and it's hard to determine whether some mining sites are legit or scam. What can you say about bitminer.io?
  9. Its really okay if one invests in bitcoin now til it reaches it's peak maybe the end of this year as it happens every year I think.
  10. Seems like bitcoin is really going down and I bet it's a good time to buy some! I'll be grabbing the opportunity as it's value will soon rise anytime maybe august or september.
  11. If given the time and the money, the amount that I would invest in to Bitcoin is the amount I could afford lose just to be safe from bankruptcy lols
  12. It's just a matter of time where it goes down and rises again after all, that's the trend for several years now and I bet it will continue unless some token or coin surpasses bitcoin's success.
  13. Yeah! Not to ban cryptocurrencies right away, I really thought that crypto would be given a chance to be part of global economy and not to replace fiat money. I believe that china is just getting ready for its own ICO haha
  14. Yeah you're absolutely right about that! I believe that every year that passes, Bitcoin doubles its value. So for now we buy some and sell high first quarter next year.
  15. I believe it would given that it's just the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the year there's a long way to go before reaching the end of this year. I hope if it goes down it will bounce back twice as much as it does.
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