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  1. Mining crypto with smartphone is a smart move.Haha, word play. You just need to have a good battery, connect it and have a stable GPU and memory. Restart your device once in a while.
  2. Well, bitcoin showed up out of nowhere, so some crypto may do the same in the future. It is possible that nothing valued as high as bitcoin crypto will come out any time soon, but only time will tell. I am happy I will be there to see what will happen.
  3. This can get very tricky. All income is taxable, especially if it is a high one. In USA, I believe it is 600$ per year. This is one of the legal obstacles for bitcoin users and should be resolved as soon as possible.
  4. Hello! Bitcoin is the most profitable crypto. It is worth around 9.000 dollars per piece. My questions is, do you think that an new cryptocurrency will come and be valued higher than bitcoin and easier to mine ?
  5. I heard for may cryptocurrencies. Litecoin, Ethereum, Ark, Storj, among many others. I currently mine bitcoin. Started recently with few fiends.
  6. I am glad that Filipino is hear to give his thoughts. Why do you think that ? You think people are not ready ?
  7. It will take a lot of time for something like that to happen, if it is gonna happen at all. We, at least, have a start in here.
  8. That is the case. I would not agree that all banksters are criminals, there are some good banks, too, but that is pretty much the point. Everything is being done by them to stop crypto from success.
  9. I am new into this but I heard for faucets. Working hard to achieve success is not just for bitcoin. That is life, too.
  10. It is a start. They have to start somewhere and starting from a politicians that is not just a politician, but a minister is great.
  11. Taiwan will seek itself to establish as a good location for crypto business. I did not expect any less from them. They are doing good job in technology and will do good in crypto field, for sure!
  12. What do I think of system error ? I wish it happens again and I am there, haha! Jokes aside, this stuff happen all the time. I can not lie and say I am not happy for users as I really am happy that they got free coins.
  13. Educating BCH community is of a huge importance. Stuff like that should be explained to users.Especially new ones. Article about avoiding mistakes in this sort of things are always helpful. Thanks for sharing it!
  14. I think full SEC compliance is the only way to safely launch it. With smart decisions taking place, it will be proven as a fact.
  15. Japan would not tolerate that. What I learned of Japan and Japanese is that they are very disciplined. Unlicensed crypto exchange shall not be left standing in Japan, in my opinion. They will take care of it.
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