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  1. Did you ever ask yourself or one of your friend, why Bitcoin is so hard to get? If yes, we have the same question. I really don't know how it actually happen and how it instantly boom in our industry? I want to know where they get bitcoins and what makes Bitcoin value so high? Although Bitcoins are volatile; no permanent value. Why there are so many people interested with this? Cheers!
  2. Why do you think we must use Bitcoin as part of our currency? What are the advantages we might get through this? Is Bitcoin really helps us in order to save enough money? or Bitcoin is not a good idea to invest for? What do you think? Can you give me some advantages of it?
  3. Have you ever heard about the bitcoin faucets? I'm so excited when the topics comes to this. I love how this faucets works. It is a site which gives you free bitcoin. I admit that it has a slow bitcoin generating but it is much more safe and legit than you expected. The only thing that will annoy you in faucets are ads. I guess it is the main reason why those sites gives free bitcoin; because of the ads itself.
  4. That's right! Always make sure that the company you are investing for is legit and trusted. Before investing, make a research about the company to make sure that you will not get scammed!
  5. Hope you decide more clearly and always be aware on those scams happening in the bitcoin world. :) Good luck! Cheers!
  6. Yeah, I think Filipino Citizens are not yet ready to handle this kind of currency. Some will gonna take advantage because of this. Not all Filipino's have a knowledge about this cryptocurrencies so i guess this would not take effect on us.
  7. Chinese are great. They come up with that just to mine bitcoins even if you don't have the mining rig you need. They are just that witty to think that this can be happen to support cryptocurrency world. I guess they are the best at mining bitcoins.
  8. There are so many fishy businesses found in the bitcoin world There are some that use Bitcoin for scamming people around the internet They are sales talking you to purchase or invest with on their company. Hope you are aware of this. Maybe you can share some of your experiences.
  9. Do ever think you are being scammed because of your digital bitcoin wallet? Does the wallet you are using is reliable and safe from the attackers? Make sure you get the safest wallet in the bitcoin world so that your earning will be safe from internet attackers. Bitcoin is unsupervised by banking industries so that it is easy for the attackers to steal them from your hands.
  10. Me too, no one can say that Bitcoin will stand a highest for next years because their value can be 0 in just a single blink of your eye. Sounds funny but it is the reality.
  11. Do you ever think who are the ones controlling bitcoin? Are there some companies who manage it? or someone who has the power to manipulate bitcoins? Can someone tell me?
  12. I think no, no new cryptocurrency will appear that has a higher value than bitcoin and easier to mine because if the cryptocurrency's value is high, it's probably hard to mine so that would be impossible. For the value, Bitcoin has the highest value and the most popular among the cryptocurrencies. I guess no one will create a new coin that surpass the value of Bitcoin. But in reality, no one knows. They are volatile.
  13. What are you using to mine bitcoin? Do you mine bitcoin on yourself? or you try the Pay to Mine companies?
  14. You're right, if you gonna try claiming from faucets; I guess it would be hard for your also. You will get bored and so many ads that is so irritating. But you can give it a try! Good luck.
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