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  1. Yeahh, faucets are the way to go now. It will take time before you even have anything significant, but it's reliable and doesn't require any initial investment from you which isn't profitable anymore. It's passive and can be done during your free time.
  2. Nah, it's too expensive and infrastructure-heavy, and you really need a supercomputer or a group of supercomputers now to even mine at a reasonable rate, which is why so many people outsource through various websites.
  3. I guess cryptocurrencies can be seen as threat which could potentially affect the economic value of the currency they use, so I guess they really take time to sort out the issues in legislation before they allow the cryptocurrencies to be usable.
  4. It only recently became available, and yeah, before I just used it for online purchases. Hopefully it becomes available on your country too.
  5. Yeah, a lot of bitcoin mining sites are either not legit or has a very high minimum amount of bitcoin/satoshi you need to have before you can cash out.
  6. Yeah, especially with its current value and how it's been accepted to be converted into several world currencies, bitcoins are regulated not only by certain companies but also by government laws.
  7. I have quite a reliable wallet for bitcoin but it is only available locally in my country, which also makes it easier to convert the coins into local currency. It's quite secure as well because of the multiple step verification process and how it makes use of a government-issued ID.
  8. Yeah, it's harder to mine bitcoins now because of how long it takes, I still do but I also have started on Steem.
  9. Bitcoins are very hard now to obtain mainly because of its price and how it increased in value over time. In terms of how it's made, well, bitcoins or any online currency are not printed or produced, rather it needs to be "mined." Like in the real world, mining resources have a limit, which means that we will eventually run out of the coins. In this case, miners are people on computers which uses it to calculate complex mathematical problems to generate new coins. However, because of the limited resources, as more and more are mined, the longer it takes to obtain a single coin. Before, a regul
  10. In terms of investment, bitcoins are pretty expensive now and they are more likely to decrease in value at this point. It's better to invest in other cryptocurrencies with better potential to increase in value. Bitcoins are still the most valuable crypto, though, so you can still try to obtain bitcoin through mining or other means.
  11. Maybe eventually, but definitely nowhere in the near future; maybe in at least 15-20 years we'll see the successor of bitcoin, but I don't think anything else can gain as much as bitcoin did.
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