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  1. Many people say the price will rise, but I personally assume that it can fall as well. I guess we'll see eventually, hopefully some time soon.
  2. It's a way too expensive effort, let's be honest. You first gotta have multiple processors and a PC to sustain it, then pay for the huge bills. Eventually hope for the BTC to rise, because if not, you have wasted a lot of money.
  3. By the way, it might be hard for a person to become familiar with cryptocurrency because for example BTC offers to choose a certain wallet at the start and it's kinda confusing how to pick the right one (that's where it has lost me at first).
  4. You gotta have a decent PC in order to mine any cryptocurrency, though it obviously varies. I personally think it might come off as a very expensive investment not worth doing...
  5. If not purely for the benefit of owning a cryptocurrency and speculating, then because it might come in handy in the future. The value might increase greatly.
  6. You should use Bitcoin, if not for the ability to do some money earning schemes, then for pure profit. Buy it when it's cheap, and sell it when it's expensive. My father started to do it, and he says he makes a sufficient amount of income, apart from his Pizza business in Prague (Czech).
  7. To be honest with you, I don't "pollute" my mind with any other cryptocurrency except BTC, because I personally believe it's the most trusted one and safest. Apart from it having a potential to outlast all the others.
  8. The question is, however, how secured is Bitcoin? I personally never heard of huge thefts going on with this cryptocurrency, but others seemed to experience such unpleasant cases.
  9. Fork schemes can be applied anywhere, really. I have a friend who uses different exchangers to gain profit from cryptocurrency, USD and BTC. For example, he fills his bank account with 1000$ USD, converts to national currency, and then sends it to an exchangers. He eventually receives around 1050$. Weird, huh? He does the same with BTC.
  10. In theory it's possible, even though I wouldn't like it to happen. I always thought Bitcoin to be the most sufficient and strong cryptocurrency with a legendary fame. I would've thought it would outlast anything else.
  11. It's a shame how the governments and banks can really get their hands into anything, if it comes to it. I really hope measured would be taken, and us regular humans would have our own currency to deal with. I like the whole concept behind BTC and etc, but doing barters on items and exchanging gold could be sufficient enough to avoid dealing with nationalized currencies. People in Ukraine, for example, barely hold any Hryvnias because of the lack of trust between the people and the government. My friend from Kyiv has gold, BTC and USD.
  12. To be honest, probably none. BTC is the most famous, trust worthy, and popular one. Other cryptocurrencies are shadowed by the fame of Bitcoin, and right now not many people know about others, which are numerous.
  13. In theory I would like cryptocurrencies taking the next step in our lives, such as being able to pay with them in the market and etc, but we all know it's highly unlikely. They're too unstable right now. Imagine a shop accepting 4000$ worth of BTC and eventually overnight realizing that it has dropped to 2000$...
  14. I don't think real paper money will disappear, heck even gold didn't, and it's still very valuable, but overall BTC and cryptocurrency will have indeed an important role to play in our lives and worldly economy. I think by 2050 the societies will tolerate BTC and other cryptocurrencies on a more trusted level.
  15. I think it shouldn't be! God forbin! Cryptocurrencies and BTC in particular have risen to change the world economy, the corrupt and monitored by governments and banks. If anyone would tax BTC, then it would be doom. I hope no one would have such idea.
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